Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Busy busy busy

Well a few days ago I showed you some fabric and I mentioned that the cow print was hopefully for some pull on's for my youngest. Here they are..Doesn't he look cute in them? OK they look a bit like PJ's but Hey! that doesn't stop him wearing them to do the school run. Once again I am rewarded by the 'Mummy made these'
A happy Mummy today:-)
Whilst my children eat their supper I sat with them and made a pile of pom poms. The plan was to make a scarf I nearly bought at some silly price. I wanted to use up my old yarn stash, all the odd balls left over from projects. Once I had got started I only wanted to do green and brown with maybe an odd pink one. They look pretty, maybe I will leave them on the plate for a few days just to make me smile.
As for the wool I bought at the show at the weekend, I have made a start. Because of the design in the stripes you knit the back in two bits. I thought I would see how long it takes me and see if I will make this my next big project or finish another one of first. Yes I always have a few on the go...Tish Tish! My Knitting friend (who taught me to knit) has moved away, she used to keep me under control on this side of my knitting, no stopping me now, I may never get another project finished...

I had a really kind comment about my corsage on my Retro bag. I used the tutorial from Wise Craft. Go have a look, its a great tutorial and her blog is so cool. Infact today's posting shows some great corsages.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Corners of my home (Handbag love)

Well its been a week since the last peek into my home. So today I thought I would bring you a bit of my art room. (How grand does that sound, it works like the sewing room which is also the playroom, my art room is also the spare bedroom)! I have been stamping and paper crafting for nearly eight years. I have so much stuff, infact I find I get a bit dizzy with the amount and lose some inspiration as I have so many different mediums to work with. For a while I sold a lot of cards and just as I was starting to get commissions and could count on a form of income I moved. Motherhood took over and I have been doing it for pleasure ever since. This is one of my storage area. As many sewing people do, I make handbags. I think my friends are getting to the stage that when its their birthday or Christmas they know they might get a handbag! I really do think giving handmade is the best way to show you care for someone, although I guess some people would still prefer a shop bought pressie.
The patchwork bag was the first bag I had made, I guess since school. It was a fun project I made it in the summer and sat out in the garden whilst the boys splashed in the paddling pool and I sewed on buttons. My machine broke whilst making it and as it was sooo old I got my much loved new machine. Its a well used bag, it holds all mine and the kids stuff including books and magazines as its just the right size without folding them up to fit.
This 'Retro' bag was a bit of a giggle. I won an Ebay bid for what looked like fab material, I also paid a bit for it, when it arrived it was two small squares (not even fat quarters) of someones old bedding. It went straight in the machine for a boil remained usable. It just said 'Callenge' to me. To make this grotty bit of fabric something nice. I am pleased with it, its only small, just enough space for purse, phone and lippy. The corsarge is on a pin so can be put on a jacket for a more co-ordinated look. It makes me happy as I was so tempted to bin the fabric.

A bit of a mish mash blog today, suits my mood!!! Oh for a full night s sleep...

Monday, 29 January 2007

Show and Tell (shopping)

Well the weekend started out great, Mr Postman brought two packages. I had no idea what was in them so over toast me and my children had a ball guessing, on opening them look what fell out...all over the place. Little hands got busy and I have to say a little dirty.
I think I have been a bit silly as they had that 'fusty' smell so I soaked them in some mild (Ecover) washing up liquid. Some of the plastic has gone soft, and they still smell a bit. Maybe I shall have to handle old buttons with more care, should I have done something different to clean them? Most of them are not really usable but there are a few really super ones, especially some green ones. I Love Green. So the craft show which is advertised as the Knit, stitch and craft show, really was mostly craft and sadly pretty much run of the mill stuff. I tend to get my craft supply from a specialist shop as I like to support the art element to it, small shops need our support right? Anyway, we all went into the city on the train and I went off on my own to the show. It was PACKED! I managed to get a few purchases. This wool, as you can see the little jacket was not a purchase but a previous knit of mine. I got the original wool from a really small shop which has now closed. It was the last of that wool and I wanted more as it knits up lovely. The cardie is my first attempt at going it alone without a proper pattern. So I was pleased to see the wool and it was over half the price I had previously paid for it, Happy Happy Happy!!! On to the ONE fabric stall, I bought the following prints, the people fabric I plan to make a fun skirt with for the spring, The flower green fabric for my stash and the others are to go in my WIP quilt. These cuties caught my eyes, they were being sold as card toppers, but where iron ons. After all the T Shirts I made for Christmas (all 14 of them) with applique I thought these a quick and fun little project to do with the kids.
I also bought some wool tops for felting and some sock wool and a pattern which I will show later in the week.
I met up with my family and we had a walk around the city, we then had dinner at Pizza Express, a lovely glass of wine really did help my sore feet! Walking back to the train we popped into Fat Face (one of my favourite shops) and I treated myself to 'the dress'. Everyone was tired and happy and all slept well.
We went for Sunday lunch with family and I started my next knitting project. I am off to iron some fabric now as my sewing machine is feeling left out.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Lazy Sunday Morning

Oh how I love Sunday morning, so nice to be so lazy, pottering around doing very little. I have just put some fabric in the wash as I intend to get some sewing done this week. Yesterday was busy! busy! busy! with a full day spent in the city. I like to visit the city especially as a family. I will 'show and tell' my purchases from the craft show later in the week. Sadly it was not very good, there was only one fabric stall and just a few knitting stalls, and none selling anything different. Still I managed to buy a few bits.Anyway today is a family day so I shall away now and leave you with a picture of the 'mouse' called Rumage. I was so excited I had finished it that I even woke my child up to give it to him, I was rewarded with a BIG smile and hands reached out to which Rumage got lost in the cuddle.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Saturday Stunner

My Saturday Stunner...

Look what arrived for me. Just for me, not for my kids...ME! I think she is the cutest little bunny. She is from Little Cotton Rabbits. If you have not seen her blog pop over as it is full of cuteness. Lottie is already feeling at home, she sits in my WIP basket, she loves the feel of all the different wool, why do rabbits like hay when they could curl up in wool? The work is just perfect, every stitch is neat and the sewing together is perfect. Its nice to have another female in the house.
As we are on a bit of a wool thing at the moment, look what I found on a thrifting spree. I mean I really needed another knitting bag...Well actually I did want a wooden one, my first one was like this, I think it was even the same fabric. Due to overuse it broke. It was a snip and in the little pocket it was stuffed with a circular needle (in a vintage packet) a few pins and a pretty stitch counter, very old looking, plus an odd plastic thing which I have no idea what it is for.
A big thank you for all my comments, WOW I am so thrilled you took the time, thank you. I am trying to get back to you all. You have made me feel very welcome into blog land, believe me it was a big step for me.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Apron love...

Apron love and lots of it. I always thought it rather odd my love for aprons, it has been going on long before I was a Stay At Home Mom. Then through blogs I realised I was not so odd, or maybe there was just a lot of odd people . I am not alone... The pink one is SUPER SPECIAL. My friend who has just moved away gave me quite a few goodies whilst she was packing. This is one of them. The funny thing is she thought she was giving it me for the vintage fabric to be used in a project. Oh NO, can you imagine? The story of its history is fab, it belonged to her GREAT grandmother. I said it would be my Christmas apron. So on Christmas Eve when my friends came round for a little get together I wore my apron, I even co-ordinated my outfit. Now that's a committed Domesticated Goddess! Thanks Caroline, I love it:-) Now the stripey one is a thrift find. How could I resist? Its hand made so its a one off, and its finished off very well. Best of all it was cheap.
I am sure more photo's of aprons will be posted in the future. Did I hear a groan then?

Its the weekend tomorrow and my plans have changed, I was due to go on a felting work shop. Sadly it has been cancelled due to lack of interest. SO I am taking myself off to the Stitch and Creative Crafts show instead...Mmmm more shopping.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 25 January 2007

The Hare and the Tortoise

He is finished, my little tortoise. I sat last night and sewed him together whilst listening to the latest cast on pod cast. I love his colours and he was all made from stash, something I am not very good at. The patchwork bit was a bit messy but I enjoyed the sewing together, nice to mix two passions together (sewing and knitting).
So after a little snack, he had a little mooch around to get himself familiar with his new home...
Finally he fell asleep with his new owner. Let me tell you this tortoise was rudely woken to squeals of joy and carried through the house to be shown to all. Oh it warms your heart.

Now that was going to be enough of toy knits as I am keen to tattle a bigger project but my older child's wants a mouse, Mmmm maybe I could get him to like knitting after all, there's always hope.
To complete the story here is a cutie. Meet Archie Bunny. He is just the the daftest bunny you could meet and there is a lot of him. This was our offering of snow yesterday, its not much but it resulted in VERY excited children.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Corners of my home

This book shelf always makes me smile, its up by the nursery so I go past it a lot in the day. This is just a section of it. The top shelf is all my odd photos and a couple of knitted scarves awaiting a proper home. The Second shelf down is all my photo's in albums, mostly of the children. The next one is this top one which are all my paper crafting books and a small selection of craft magazines, the next one is most of my knitting books (yes I do actually have more). The bottom shelf holds all my pregnancy, baby and child related books. So I guess its a library of information and inspiration for my favorite things. HOLD IT...where are all the sewing books? Well they are in the new sewing room (yer I know I have already told you its shared with the playroom)! I LOVE, I shall say that again, LOVE books, I have them all over the house. I am really enjoying the Amy Butler book at the moment, such lovely pictures, the whole book is very appealing to the eye.
Now on to some hand crafting. This is the knitting toy that started all the toy knits off. My older child really dis-likes me knitting, he has no problem with sewing! He read through my then latest knitting books and wanted this. I said I would knit it for him on one condition he came with me to choose the wool. He had a great time, he followed its progress and now he just loves his Crock.
He's quite handsome and just a little scary. Which is great for scaring the nighttime monsters away...

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Blue skies and snow topped hills

OK so its not the best shot of the snow on the hills, but hey we have not seen sun and snow for ages. So I think its worth posting it up just to make me smile. These are the hills that I look at from our house, better view from upstairs. I love watching them through the seasons. Winter is always a little bleak for me, the summer is fab, very green and when the heather is out to look onto purple hills is quite fun especially with a pink sunset. So last nights project was finishing off the flowers. Once the flower was done is was quite bulky and a rather large hole in them. I emailed artsy-crafty-babe and told her I thought they would be flat like yo yo's. This gave me an idea...I made yo yo centres and added the selected buttons on top of that. Oh it all comes together in the end. I have never done yo yo's before, yer I know I am the last person to jump on them. So I nipped over to Heather Bailey's blog for her tutorial and Oh my! its so easy, thanks Heather. I had gone through quite a few of my fabric books and none explained how to do it.
This was the first one, to go on a green cord jacket of mine. I liked the pink felt, plus I could not match the green.
These are the other two. The sparkly button is in fact an odd ear ring of mine from the eighties, can I call that vintage? It slips just great into the yo yo.
Just got the backs to do on these two. Tonight is knitting night so I hopefully will get to sew up the tortoise.

Today's post is my first try at links, I hope it works...

Monday, 22 January 2007

Good Morning

Good morning, according to AOL today is officially the worst day of the year. I am not a big fan of January so normally I would agree with this statement. Only today we have woke up to blue skies and Simpson like clouds. On the way to school my older child said 'Look Mummy the hills are all white.' Blue skies and snow topped hills. Fantastic. So a little treat for me to celebrate, coffee (which I am trying to give up) and messy chocolate toast, a healthy start to the new week. YUMMY. So last night I wanted to watch a bit of telly, so I thought I would do a little hand sewing. The flower corsage's are using up scraps, I wanted to just put a button in the middle but the space is so big. I pulled out my patchwork to work on, only another six and then I have finished this block.
So I shall away now and enjoy the day, I might even get out in the garden, wellies will be worn, its still very wet out there even with this sunshine. Have a great day.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Shop till you drop...

Been a funny old weekend, the weather is wet, cold and GREY. So I thought I would cheer myself up with a bit of thrift shopping. I was in our local charity shop and spied this cute strawberry bowl. I have an image of sitting in my garden in the summer with my summer tea set having a scrummy bowl of strawberries. Oh that seems a long way off. So the bowl made me smile and I happily reached into my purse. Also this week an order arrived through the post that I had forgotten about, lovely colours and some pretty prints. Not pure cotton though so instead of being a lap quilt (which was the inspiration for the purchase) I think it will go in my stash and get used up in bags. Did I mention my love for handbags?
Today I went to a mill and paid a visit to the patchwork fabric shop, initially to find out about a felt work shop I am doing soon. Well with an offer on of £5.00 a meter I had to purchase some fabric. Some great fabric to use as water, the rabbit one might be a cute children's outfit, the stripey one I have NO idea just liked it. The other FQs are for my quilt I am making on a 10 month quilting course.
This is my fav. fabric. I love, I must repeat LOVE cows. This fabric is just the nicest so will be made into trousers for my youngest. (I have a pattern all waiting for them, thanks Caroline).
The owl fabric is just so cute, I have only recently been attracted to owls so I picked this fabric up to.
Finally this is how the tortoise is shaping up, just finishing the edging then it all gets stuffed and sewn together. Which was the point of going to the mill as I needed the stuffing.
Hope your weekend was fabric filled.

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Getting Stuff Done!!!

It's been one of those weeks when things start to come together. I have managed to finish off a few projects and even cleaned (something I do not do very often) and changed around our kitchen. I found out it was a friends birthday with a days warning. Off to the charity shop and as luck would have it a 100% wool sweater for 75p. In the machine as soon as I got home and it felted just great. Busy... busy... busy... a rumage through some of my buttons (Oh how I love my button collection) and here is the finished result. A corsarge, I also love corsarges and since discovering felting its opened up a whole new world.
I thought it would look good on a plain coat, brighten up this wet and windy weather we are having here at the moment.
The rabbit has been a long project, I started it before Christmas, ran out of stuffing so it went in the WIP basket and stayed there for a couple of weeks. I felt I need to get it done, I mean it was a Christmas present after all. So this week it got the treatment and after two sittings it was finished. Cute little heart albino eyes.
I like the carrot best of all, I am going to make a few of these. The little bag is filled with some home made books using some lush papers and a few pens. So she (Emiley) is all packaged up and on her way to London for a friend, OK a little belated.
The tortoise is coming on well, the patchwork bit is all finished off and the ends (so many of them) are all woven in. I need yet more stuffing to finish him off.

My fellow knitting pal moved away and I think this is why I am gettting so much stuff done as we spent a lot of time together. Filling the void!!!

I thought I would be just doing this blog for me, at least for a few months, I am so amazed that I got such lovely comments. Thank you so much Guys. Such lovely comments:-) I am very happy but the nerves are still there..

Friday, 19 January 2007

WIP and goodies

This is my WIP (well its one anyway) I am on a bit of a toy Knitting marathon, you know the story...once you make one another one follows and so on...
I am having fun with this one as its really bitty. Lots of small bits to knit then you sew them all together. With yelps of 'Yippee this is for me' from my youngest I am really pushing to get it done.

Now I was snooping through our garage today and came across a box of photos and the above patterns. You can imagine my joy as I opened one bag then another then another full of patterns from vintage to current trends. This is just a few of them. My Mother in Law past away two years ago and this was just one of the boxes left in our garage from her house, I can not believe I have not found it sooner, now I shall go and find a place for them in the playing, I mean sewing room. Have a great weekend

Studio...actually the kitchen table

I love to look at peoples work space. For a long time this was mine. As the months went by and my addiction grew, more and more space was taken over. Eventually it had an effect on family meal times, no longer a family picture of us all sitting around the table chatting about our day. Instead a manic clear up (push everything to one side!) the children had to sit at their art table and I amongst all the fabric, cottons and fluff. NO MORE! I now have my very own studio. OK I have actually moved into the childrens playroom, its a north facing room so I can keep all my fabrics out and I am where all the action is. This makes me VERY HAPPY.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Cool Owl

This is my cool Owl, I managed to finish him last night. It was so easy to knit. As I love knitting and sewing it was a joy to make. He is a such a cheeky chap. He has found the only tree in the house (OK its a wire tree) but he looks kind of cosy. Sadly he will be flying to Aussie in a few days, when I have stoped looking at him. He is for my best friends little girl. They came over before Christmas and she was looking through my toy knitting book and asked 'Aunty Suzie will you make this for me PLEASE!!!' How could I not.

Getting Started

Ok I have taken the plunge...I have got a blog. Now I need to do some research to see how it all comes together....