Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Busy busy busy

Well a few days ago I showed you some fabric and I mentioned that the cow print was hopefully for some pull on's for my youngest. Here they are..Doesn't he look cute in them? OK they look a bit like PJ's but Hey! that doesn't stop him wearing them to do the school run. Once again I am rewarded by the 'Mummy made these'
A happy Mummy today:-)
Whilst my children eat their supper I sat with them and made a pile of pom poms. The plan was to make a scarf I nearly bought at some silly price. I wanted to use up my old yarn stash, all the odd balls left over from projects. Once I had got started I only wanted to do green and brown with maybe an odd pink one. They look pretty, maybe I will leave them on the plate for a few days just to make me smile.
As for the wool I bought at the show at the weekend, I have made a start. Because of the design in the stripes you knit the back in two bits. I thought I would see how long it takes me and see if I will make this my next big project or finish another one of first. Yes I always have a few on the go...Tish Tish! My Knitting friend (who taught me to knit) has moved away, she used to keep me under control on this side of my knitting, no stopping me now, I may never get another project finished...

I had a really kind comment about my corsage on my Retro bag. I used the tutorial from Wise Craft. Go have a look, its a great tutorial and her blog is so cool. Infact today's posting shows some great corsages.


Anonymous said...

Finish other projects first !!!!!
Guess Who?!

beki said...

I must say Suzie, you are one busy crafter! How in the world do you juggle so many projects? I love the bottoms and pom-poms, by the way.