Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Corners of my home

This book shelf always makes me smile, its up by the nursery so I go past it a lot in the day. This is just a section of it. The top shelf is all my odd photos and a couple of knitted scarves awaiting a proper home. The Second shelf down is all my photo's in albums, mostly of the children. The next one is this top one which are all my paper crafting books and a small selection of craft magazines, the next one is most of my knitting books (yes I do actually have more). The bottom shelf holds all my pregnancy, baby and child related books. So I guess its a library of information and inspiration for my favorite things. HOLD IT...where are all the sewing books? Well they are in the new sewing room (yer I know I have already told you its shared with the playroom)! I LOVE, I shall say that again, LOVE books, I have them all over the house. I am really enjoying the Amy Butler book at the moment, such lovely pictures, the whole book is very appealing to the eye.
Now on to some hand crafting. This is the knitting toy that started all the toy knits off. My older child really dis-likes me knitting, he has no problem with sewing! He read through my then latest knitting books and wanted this. I said I would knit it for him on one condition he came with me to choose the wool. He had a great time, he followed its progress and now he just loves his Crock.
He's quite handsome and just a little scary. Which is great for scaring the nighttime monsters away...


Dana said...

Cute crocodile :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. We're still getting snow today. I'd love to pack it up and send it to your son!!

I'll try to make time today to check out your blog.

Have a fun day.

Caroline said...

Oh, how I love the look of that snow! None down in Somerset unfortunately! Love the blog - you've got me hooked

sarah said...

Such a cute Alligator!

julie said...

Mr Croc is lovely! Perfect for keeping nightime nasties at bay!