Monday, 22 January 2007

Good Morning

Good morning, according to AOL today is officially the worst day of the year. I am not a big fan of January so normally I would agree with this statement. Only today we have woke up to blue skies and Simpson like clouds. On the way to school my older child said 'Look Mummy the hills are all white.' Blue skies and snow topped hills. Fantastic. So a little treat for me to celebrate, coffee (which I am trying to give up) and messy chocolate toast, a healthy start to the new week. YUMMY. So last night I wanted to watch a bit of telly, so I thought I would do a little hand sewing. The flower corsage's are using up scraps, I wanted to just put a button in the middle but the space is so big. I pulled out my patchwork to work on, only another six and then I have finished this block.
So I shall away now and enjoy the day, I might even get out in the garden, wellies will be worn, its still very wet out there even with this sunshine. Have a great day.

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beki said...

Could you pass on some of that sunshine? It's been raining for DAYS here. I do adore hand sewing. Your little flowers look lovely!