Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Blue skies and snow topped hills

OK so its not the best shot of the snow on the hills, but hey we have not seen sun and snow for ages. So I think its worth posting it up just to make me smile. These are the hills that I look at from our house, better view from upstairs. I love watching them through the seasons. Winter is always a little bleak for me, the summer is fab, very green and when the heather is out to look onto purple hills is quite fun especially with a pink sunset. So last nights project was finishing off the flowers. Once the flower was done is was quite bulky and a rather large hole in them. I emailed artsy-crafty-babe and told her I thought they would be flat like yo yo's. This gave me an idea...I made yo yo centres and added the selected buttons on top of that. Oh it all comes together in the end. I have never done yo yo's before, yer I know I am the last person to jump on them. So I nipped over to Heather Bailey's blog for her tutorial and Oh my! its so easy, thanks Heather. I had gone through quite a few of my fabric books and none explained how to do it.
This was the first one, to go on a green cord jacket of mine. I liked the pink felt, plus I could not match the green.
These are the other two. The sparkly button is in fact an odd ear ring of mine from the eighties, can I call that vintage? It slips just great into the yo yo.
Just got the backs to do on these two. Tonight is knitting night so I hopefully will get to sew up the tortoise.

Today's post is my first try at links, I hope it works...

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beki said...

they look great! what a clever solution.