Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Corners of my home (Handbag love)

Well its been a week since the last peek into my home. So today I thought I would bring you a bit of my art room. (How grand does that sound, it works like the sewing room which is also the playroom, my art room is also the spare bedroom)! I have been stamping and paper crafting for nearly eight years. I have so much stuff, infact I find I get a bit dizzy with the amount and lose some inspiration as I have so many different mediums to work with. For a while I sold a lot of cards and just as I was starting to get commissions and could count on a form of income I moved. Motherhood took over and I have been doing it for pleasure ever since. This is one of my storage area. As many sewing people do, I make handbags. I think my friends are getting to the stage that when its their birthday or Christmas they know they might get a handbag! I really do think giving handmade is the best way to show you care for someone, although I guess some people would still prefer a shop bought pressie.
The patchwork bag was the first bag I had made, I guess since school. It was a fun project I made it in the summer and sat out in the garden whilst the boys splashed in the paddling pool and I sewed on buttons. My machine broke whilst making it and as it was sooo old I got my much loved new machine. Its a well used bag, it holds all mine and the kids stuff including books and magazines as its just the right size without folding them up to fit.
This 'Retro' bag was a bit of a giggle. I won an Ebay bid for what looked like fab material, I also paid a bit for it, when it arrived it was two small squares (not even fat quarters) of someones old bedding. It went straight in the machine for a boil wash...it remained usable. It just said 'Callenge' to me. To make this grotty bit of fabric something nice. I am pleased with it, its only small, just enough space for purse, phone and lippy. The corsarge is on a pin so can be put on a jacket for a more co-ordinated look. It makes me happy as I was so tempted to bin the fabric.

A bit of a mish mash blog today, suits my mood!!! Oh for a full night s sleep...


julie said...

Love the bags - great that you managed to make something so gorgeous from a bit of old bedlinen - it looks fab and I love the button details on the patchwork one. Hope you get a decent sleep tonight!

sarah said...

The bags are great! You do it all!