Saturday, 20 January 2007

Getting Stuff Done!!!

It's been one of those weeks when things start to come together. I have managed to finish off a few projects and even cleaned (something I do not do very often) and changed around our kitchen. I found out it was a friends birthday with a days warning. Off to the charity shop and as luck would have it a 100% wool sweater for 75p. In the machine as soon as I got home and it felted just great. Busy... busy... busy... a rumage through some of my buttons (Oh how I love my button collection) and here is the finished result. A corsarge, I also love corsarges and since discovering felting its opened up a whole new world.
I thought it would look good on a plain coat, brighten up this wet and windy weather we are having here at the moment.
The rabbit has been a long project, I started it before Christmas, ran out of stuffing so it went in the WIP basket and stayed there for a couple of weeks. I felt I need to get it done, I mean it was a Christmas present after all. So this week it got the treatment and after two sittings it was finished. Cute little heart albino eyes.
I like the carrot best of all, I am going to make a few of these. The little bag is filled with some home made books using some lush papers and a few pens. So she (Emiley) is all packaged up and on her way to London for a friend, OK a little belated.
The tortoise is coming on well, the patchwork bit is all finished off and the ends (so many of them) are all woven in. I need yet more stuffing to finish him off.

My fellow knitting pal moved away and I think this is why I am gettting so much stuff done as we spent a lot of time together. Filling the void!!!

I thought I would be just doing this blog for me, at least for a few months, I am so amazed that I got such lovely comments. Thank you so much Guys. Such lovely comments:-) I am very happy but the nerves are still there..

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