Sunday, 21 January 2007

Shop till you drop...

Been a funny old weekend, the weather is wet, cold and GREY. So I thought I would cheer myself up with a bit of thrift shopping. I was in our local charity shop and spied this cute strawberry bowl. I have an image of sitting in my garden in the summer with my summer tea set having a scrummy bowl of strawberries. Oh that seems a long way off. So the bowl made me smile and I happily reached into my purse. Also this week an order arrived through the post that I had forgotten about, lovely colours and some pretty prints. Not pure cotton though so instead of being a lap quilt (which was the inspiration for the purchase) I think it will go in my stash and get used up in bags. Did I mention my love for handbags?
Today I went to a mill and paid a visit to the patchwork fabric shop, initially to find out about a felt work shop I am doing soon. Well with an offer on of £5.00 a meter I had to purchase some fabric. Some great fabric to use as water, the rabbit one might be a cute children's outfit, the stripey one I have NO idea just liked it. The other FQs are for my quilt I am making on a 10 month quilting course.
This is my fav. fabric. I love, I must repeat LOVE cows. This fabric is just the nicest so will be made into trousers for my youngest. (I have a pattern all waiting for them, thanks Caroline).
The owl fabric is just so cute, I have only recently been attracted to owls so I picked this fabric up to.
Finally this is how the tortoise is shaping up, just finishing the edging then it all gets stuffed and sewn together. Which was the point of going to the mill as I needed the stuffing.
Hope your weekend was fabric filled.

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