Thursday, 21 June 2007

Birthday Girl (the highs and the lows)

Well this is my birthday post, man I get so excited and then always end up emotional, I remember when my Mom used to say 'it will end in tears' it was always at that moment when you just think all is great, sure enough she was usually right. Well today has been a rotten day, all the best laid plans have not happened, I am tired due to being up most nights with my little one, the amount of stuff I have had to get organised over the last couple of weeks has thrown me off balance and all that relaxed creative vibe I had from my week away has just gone up in a poof of smoke. ( Oh Suzie, you are being a moaning mini today)!!!I have previously mentioned that my adoption always raises up some negative rejection type emotions on my birthday. So with the best laid plans gone out the window (my annual trip to a rather special beach camping, nothing like a cool beer on the beach when its one's birthday) I feel I need to take control. So I shall not be blogging until next weekend, I assure you I will have lots to report, it involves lots of sewing and photography so all blog-worthy and obviously my children will be right there with me.

In the mean time I leave you with one of my favourite pictures of Archie, I love this picture and as a card maker this is a popular picture for me to use, especially to fellow knitters. Archie is about 10 weeks old on this picture and would fit into your hand. Just too cute, well actually he needs to be he just peed on one of my quilts today, it had not been bound and I had used thick wadding, so it will all have to be all unpicked so I can wash it and get new padding. Maybe he did me a favour as I had regretted buying such a thick wadding, but felt I had bought it so used it...maybe this way (trying to be positive) I can buy (out of necessity) a better padding.

Its all fun and games round here I tell you. In the mean time thank you for taking the time to keep reading and leaving all those comments, you are great and VERY much appreciated. So this gal is off to get her vibe back!!!

A visit to the post office to send off the giveaways, hope they get to you all in one piece, I enjoyed doing this, there is something about giving that just feels good!!!

The goodness just keeps on going...

Look what happens when you stalk your postman...He eventually brings you a parcel or in my case this week two. Earlier in the week I had the fabulous magazines and vintage bits from Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness, as in yesterdays post. I am still reading all those lovely magazines and have idea's popping out of my ears now.
Then came this parcel from my best blogging Buddie, Sarah at Small Fox. Now the fabric as I am sure you are aware is Heather Bailey, its not that easy to get in the UK, may be next year, we tend to get things a little later! So when I raved about her purchase of it she offered to do a swap for some Liberty fabric and a few other little treats. Have a good look at my goodies. My first Moo cards, having heard about these for months, but not actually seeing one up close I was very excited. The beautiful pin cushion with the lovely vintage button, Oh how I like buttons!!! The tea towel as if I would ever use something as lovely as this to wipe my dishes...Best of all for me is my little Owl, how I wanted one of these when I first saw her piece them together on her blog, must be over six months ago now and today I have my very own owl.
Can you believe it, if that was not enough look at the lovely stuffies she made for the boys. I was so tempted to keep them to myself. I gave them to the children after they had been to the dentist, they are thrilled with them, the older one thinks its great someone sent them from so far away. So meet Amy and Jammie! Jammie was especially well cuddled last night when my little one was poorly, he has had a bad cough now for over a week and last night he awoke crying with ear pains, real tears and only wanted to be on his Mommy cuddling his Jammie.
SO whilst I was sat upright for a good portion of the night I totally enjoyed reading the two Romantic Homes mag's Sarah had included in the package. I had wanted this issue with Alicia's house in it when it was on all the blogs. I did not think I would actually get a copy, so good things DO come to those that wait. Thank you Sarah, I trust you enjoyed your goodies and the knitted stuff fits!
Well its still madness here, but in a different way, I am trying to QUILT like a mad thing and despite the pressure I am having a good time. This week alone I have made nearly five blocks. Yer I know there are only four here, the other one is by my bedside.
Its my course on Saturday and I am running behind with all the other stuff taking up so much off my time this month, I got worked up about it and then took time out to say 'Hey, this is meant to be fun' So I have realise I am not at the stage I would like to be, a few ladies on the course have had sessions missed so I can not be the only one and if I have to play catch up then so be it. Funny how a little talking to ones self can help.

Also my mind is buzzing quilt wise. I have my partner in the Doll Swap (see button on blog) if you click on it it will bring up all the information. I am so lucky to be in this, I nearly missed out as it has gone mental!!! So many people wanting to do it. My partner is an excellent quilter so I will have to pull off a good one. I have so many cool ideas in my head. I need to put some down on paper so I can get cracking on it. SO this will be next weeks project...

As you know, you did know right? Its my Birthday next week, dare I tell you my age!!! I am at that age when I realise that most of my friends are a good five+ years younger than me, so I assure myself that means they all think I am younger than I am. In my head I really do feel 27. Someone once told me that you reach an age you are comfortable with yourself and your life and that feeling stays with no matter what age you actually are. I was too young to be wise enough to understand those words. Well let me tell you, I was 27 when I had that feeling I am over 10 years on from that and whilst the mirror says otherwise my mind sticks to being 27!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Its all going on...

The winning just keeps on going, Capello from No Appropriate Behaviour the winner of the 100th post liberty giveaway emailed me to say she is not a knitter so I will swap the shades of blue yearn for a fq of some fabric from my stash. Which means the yarn is up for another chance to win, or should I keep it my stash??? OK we did another raffle, this felt like a fair thing to do for a few reasons, as I have two children, two more names, the yarn being one little giveaway (unless this winner is also a non knitter) and the other will be a handmade pin cushion.
So in second and third place of the raffle the winners are...Joanna from On the Blossom Trail and Julia from Vintage Heaven. So get your address over to me and the goodies will be sent at the end of the week.
Ok that's it all done, now to concentrate on the next 100 posts... I had to throw in these two gratuitous photo's of flowers, I blogged about them earlier this month. They are my favourite flowers and as a florist I like a LOT of flowers. They are from my garden and the previous post about them was when they had just budded. Well they are now picked and in my kitchen. A whole week earlier than usual. They are my birthday flowers. I love flowers in the house and these are just special to me. Since the first year I have lived here (they only got planted in the first year) they always flower on my birthday. So they will have blown over by them sadly, but I am enjoying them now. I am hoping to buy a little treat for myself from a fellow blogger, you know when you look at the stuff bloggers sell and you really want it, but don't do it. Well maybe this time I will...I believe in making birthdays special no matter what age you are, the gift of life is a precious thing and should be celebrated. Also being adopted Birthdays can make me quite sad. So I always like to chase away the blues by making it fun and what could be more fun than sharing it with my children.
Now talking of children, this is the moment I have waited for...whilst my youngest slept in the garden on Sunday my older son asked to play with my sewing machine. I had gone to great lengths to get him one for Christmas, a child friendly one with a safety cover by the needle. Well I agreed we would set him up, he was so excited. We pulled out the safety machine (my child has suffered from poor hearing and it has had an effect on his hand eye co-ordination so I was a little concerned). I watched his face fall as the silly little machine was utter RUBBISH!!! We hit the garage looking for the box that had stored away my VERY OLD and well used first machine, it had discoloured somewhat, but it did work. He took to it like a duck to water... NO, straight seams are not for him, with in minutes we had mastered circles (admittedly a little wonky) and he just took to changing the stitches without any advise form me. The end result is a picture of a little stick man. No photograph of this as its in my sewing room ready to be turned into a fabric quilted picture. Talk about a proud Mommy moment. This was a nice moment as it was fathers day and as their Dad was too busy working and I was missing mine it helped with the emotions of the day.
Anyway this sort of play continued, my child just itching to do the stuff that he sees his Mommy doing. Whilst I was taking some pictures he wanted a go. This is just one of his photo's, his first self portrait. As a family we do this style picture in the summer on the beach as you get great shadows and contrast, I have a record of them growing up just from this kind of picture.
So its all going on here...all the busy stuff I had on last week is done, the flowers in Church turned out OK, not as happy with them as usual but I was racing the clock, not to mention a little helper who wanted to run off with everything. The school fair was a success, I had two helpers in the craft room this summer and they really did a good job, the children enjoyed it and it was a lot easier as the things we made did not need so much one to one help. The sell out was the Grass Heads, so if your about to arrange a summer fair I can recommend this one, the kids love it and our grass head (Bert) is getting watered daily on the kitchen window ledge. I so love watching kids do art work, allowed to do their own thing the work and ideas they come up with are so inspiring.

Last but not least...
I was delivered some joy by the postman, my swap with Rebecca from Crafty Goodness arrived. I had expected one possibly two magazines from her and look at the bounty of stuff I got. Plus some cool vintage goodies. I am so enjoying these magazines, I have really dipped into them over the last couple of days, a joy indeed. Over the pond the magazines are sooo much more interesting than the ones you get here. Country Living, Coast and the new Charlie and lola craft mag are about as good as it gets here. So I thank you Rebecca from the heart, the postage on its own was a fortune. I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy your goodies.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The winner is......

So first I picked some pretty paper, I punched out some circles, with some help from the children, they wanted to be involved, as usual... Then I wrote all the names down and folded them up in to little pieces...
Then my youngest picked one...
The winner is CAPELLO!!!

So email me your address and I will get the goodies off to you.

Its really nice Capello won, she has been a great source of inspiration and many a giggle (she is sooo darn naughty) from before I even thought about doing my own blog. Hope you enjoy the goodies and I look forward to seeing what you do with the fabric...Its too nice to stash it!!!

Monday, 18 June 2007


WOW, Thank you guys so much for all you lovely comments on my 100th post. You really made me smile and gave me lots to read. Plus it has introduced me to a whole load of 'new to me' blogs. So whilst I have not blogged myself I have been reading lots of yours this weekend. Any way it was all to much for the little one in the household and on a Sunny Sunday afternoon the afternoon cuddle ended up being an afternoon snooze! Archie could not miss an opportunity to get his picture taken.
The Giveaway is now closed, I will announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks once more for saying 'Hello' and I hope you will leave a comment again, because comments are nice you know, its good to know you are out there. OK I am off to fill a glass up with some cool refreshing white wine and write all your names on some pretty paper...Call back tomorrow for the WINNER...will it be you?

Friday, 15 June 2007

POST 100-Liberty give away

Well there you have it, its official, I have made 100 posts. I never thought I would get this far. So all that you see on this post is a freebie giveaway, believe me when it comes to the Liberty fabric its not an easy one to give away. It was a thrift find, see a previous post about it. Its in good condition I have not washed it or opened it to measure it to check it is the amount the label says, as I did not want to rip off the label as this is part of its charm. As you know liberty Fabric is expensive and most of us buy it as the essential British fabric for a little patchwork, well let me tell you you have enough for a skirt, a backing to a quilt etc. The colours could not be more 'Suzie Sews'.I am also including this 100%silk yarn in a beautiful textured shades of blue to white. (If your the winner and not a knitter I can swap this for more fabric if you choose). Keeping with the English feel I have included a small amount of my favourite Cath Kidston fabric, I am planning on my kitchen to be wallpapered in this design. This piece is small, but enough for a center of a cushion or a few little lavender hearts...use your imagination.
Once again keeping with all things 'Suzie Sews' it is a beach design and as I am most happiest at the beach I thought it a good addition to the giveaway.
All YOU have to do is leave a comment on this post. I would love my regulars to say hi, I am still blown away that they come back to me day after day. Thanks you guys. If your a lurker, don't be shy say hello, seriously this could be your lucky day. If no one leaves a comment then I thank you as I so love this fabric myself and I would not do this without something that I would like to receive. I shall not post until early next week, so that gives over the weekend, try and leave me a comment with purl of crafting wisdom or maybe let me know what you would like to see more of in my blog (keep it clean)! or hey just say Hi! I will announce the winner by a raffle next week and then they will need to email me with their name and address.
Thoughts on Blogging (witter time)!
I have been reading blogs now for over a year and became addicted to them, I would log on to a few favourites most days, I still read read them even now, plus a lot more too. I have watched ones that I felt I had a friendship with suddenly get so popular you felt out of the loop, I guess this happens, some offer pure inspiration, others a lifestyle to swoon over, great cooking and mothering tips, and some just heart felt emotions of family life. I have always been a bit of a joke to some of my friends, 'Oh you are funny' and 'you need to get a life' I have heard more than once said to me. So to discover I was not the only Mom that loved her time to create and indeed indulge in the total addictiveness of it all was literally a life saver.
The blogs I looked at this time last year just showed me it was OK to be like this and I was not odd because I got kind of twitchy if I did not spend time at my sewing machine or with my wool in my hands or papers around me, not to mention the photography. The work these people produced amazed and enthralled me. So much so I wanted to join the gang. Due to being mildly dyslexic I was so nervous, as most of my friends are teachers I always feel very vulnerably about expressing myself and this is why I stopped writing letters. I mean its stupid, we are communicating and why is it so important to dot the i's and cross the t's. Sadly that fear of criticism has never left me and I have always seeked comfort in my artistic ability. So to even consider a blog would put me in that line of criticism, I have had nothing but support, yer sure I have made mistakes but you understand what I am trying to say and expressing my arty idea's. So for that I thank you. It has been a big step to blog, it was a News Years resolution which I have embraced to the full.

I still feel very much a newie to all this and I am sure I could be a lot more design orientated in my blog, but for me at the moment its just about my being me, faults included.
Its a dangerous world we live in and I am aware of the dangers that blogging can bring. We must remember it is also a beautiful world out there and get on and enjoy it whilst we can.
Once again I say Thank you to those of you that read my blog and to the blogs I read for all your inspiration.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Ninety Nine

Post 99 only one more to go till my give away, maybe no one will leave a comment and I can keep the vintage liberty print fabric for myself!!!! The rhythm is starting to be established and I am feeling more at peace with the world now. The going with flow has helped. I treated myself and my little one to a trip, our favourite day out. A local town filled with craft shops, charity shops, great places for snacks to keep us going and a lovely park to run around.
But do you now what...we ran out of time. We started with a visit to our favourite wool shop. Its just shows my wool addiction when the lovely lady in the shops shouts 'hello Suzie' and brings my little boy over a toy he left on our last visit, the kettle goes on and three hours later I walk out. It was a lovely time, its so good to catch up on her gossip and all that's new in the knitting world. My little guy had a great time, the shop was quite so he was free to play on the different levels of the shop plus the shop has some tonka toys so he was very happy, he even joined us for a drink, when he went to the private loo for a pee it was commented that he feels 'home from home' Need I say more about my wool addiction.
That said I only walked out with one ball of wool, Oh yes and two pattern books. Easy Knits for tiny tots and a Debbie Bliss book. There are a couple of patterns in the Kids book, I love the lion booties and this great skirt, but other than that there is nothing that really excites me enough to rush out and buy the wool for. Saying that some great basic patterns that you could embellish, there is a cute boy doll that I might have a go at as I know I have the required wool in my stash.
As for the Debbie Bliss one, WOW I think I love them all, these two especially. The raspberry one is in the silk yarn, which I adore but comes in at over £60.00. I just cannot afford that in one payment so I will drool over it for a while and finish my on going projects.
The cardigan from last weeks wip is now all knitted up and I am nearly finished sewing it together. Next week I need to spend all my free time on my patchwork as its nearly time to add the boarders on in class and I am not finished with the blocks yet! Panic setting in!

I was listening to a debate on pegs today, how the sale of them has gone mad this year. Proof that we are all trying to be as environmentally green as possible. One lady said that it has a Homespun feel to peg your washing out, you have your Cath Kidston peg bag, beautiful linen and a vintage retro feel to it all, chatting to your neighbour the rhythmic feel of hanging out your smalls (or in her case her 'larges' due to the amount of children she had) and ofcourse wearing your apron! It made me think of some of the lovely picture of washing lines on peoples blogs especially Simple Sparrow, go check her out and read her previous posts you'll soon see what I mean. So go green and enjoy pegging out your washing, don't forget your apron!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Colours of the Rainbow

Well today is so far a good day, I did right to just let go of trying to organise everything yesterday. I am still a bit worried about the amount of stuff that needs to come together this week, but allowing myself to just go with the flow has really helped. Only this morning I was asked to help with the nursery sports day tomorrow, one more thing to do, but you know that's just too cute an opportunity to miss out on.

So off went all my parcels, a couple of commissions , my two swaps (I am so excited about these) and a few EBAY payments for fabric and threads. So I should be getting some fab stuff in the post over the next week...Yippee This bag is just a glimpse of one of my swaps and until they get it I am not saying who its for, of course once they get it (and hoping they like it) I will link you to their blog, I read some pretty good blogs let me tell you. There is a story behind this Cath Kidston style bag, which if I have time later in the week I shall share with you. Still on busy mode so it will have to wait.
After school I took my boys to the local charity/thrifty shop. I do this as a means of not buying them sweets, they get to buy a toy for the price of a bar of Chocolate and I get to have a rummage and it supports a Hospice Charity, everyone is happy. Inspired by ArtsycraftyBabe's post about the pillowcases she picked up I looked in the box marked pillowcases. Yum! a pretty candy pink vintage Laura Ashley pillow case and two William Morris styled ones made out of a well washed linen fabric. Also two fabulous dresses for girls ages 6/7. The most amazing fabrics, rather colourful but a great find. I would love a little girl to dress them in. I actually thought about sending them to my little poppet in Australia, in fact my son wanted me to do this. On closer inspection after they had been washed a number of buttons are missing and one dress has a slight mark down one panel. The detail on them is amazing, if in excellent condition worn over a pair of leggings or jeans they would be so cool, alas I know in my heart that they are too fussy for my friend so I am going to take the ripper to them and use the fabric for all sorts of ideas, children aprons, lavender heats, little purses and as for the pockets they will just be cut off and stitched on to something else. Not bad for 35p each.
So yesterday I dared to show you a corner of my home, my very personal bedroom. Today I thought it only right to show you the other bedside table, yep more books. I was not kidding when I said there are piles of books all over the place, she says looking down at three separate piles of books by the computer. I am a BOOK person and feel great comfort being surrounding by books.
A little Archie love coming your way, he is feeling a little sad today, he has so enjoyed being outside and playing around the children and me. Today its raining, the paddling pool has been emptied and no one is in the garden and I have left him in his little (well large) house, with the memories of sunny days. He loves being around people. June, Oh how I love June, its a Birthday month, the best month for birthdays, yes its my birthday month, Champagne and strawberries all the way. We seem to have had a lots this last two weeks, birthdays that is! So whilst the pens and pencils are out on the play table I thought I would do a bit of art work myself and by artwork I mean child friendly stuff...

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

This and that

My blogging today is like my life, all over the place, about this and that and generally off routine. I am trying to go with the flow and establish some sort of rhythm, but you know, its not happening today. So I think I shall throw caution to the wind and see what happens if I just let go of trying to control it. I feel much better after my emotional out pouring yesterday and again thank you for you comments, I will be emailing you personally when I can. Some words of wisdom going those comments. So amongst the emotions this week it is a happening week. Its our school PTA summer fun day and as usual I am in charge of organising the craft room. I love doing this, but this Saturday I have no one to take the children around the school whilst I do the crafts. So I have roped someone in to cover for me and I will stay as long as my children will tolerate it, bless them. Its so hard doing these things when you have to keep an eye on your own children, I want to do so much more, but I have to realise I have limits without support. So I will be organising it and setting up, lots of running around this week getting all the last minute bits for it.
We are setting up to make grass heads. The craft bits are pin wheels and flying bugs, plus an open table to make cards, lots of cutting and sticking I might even venture in to taking some of my stamps. I am a little worried about the ink pads getting ink of clothing, anyone any thoughts on this? This week it is my week for flowers in Church Busy! busy! busy!
SO you will be surprised to know I finished off knitting the handbag, I just kneed to felt it now.
Talking of bags, this is just a little snap and not a good one (the light was so poor) of a bag I made for my friend...Hey Caroline are you using it? Its just the right size for nappies and wipes and all the baby stuff...NOT!!!

So I need to get off to the post office, BIG PARCELS to send out...The photos today are as much of a mish mash as I am at the moment. The first one is a snap, I saw it on a walk with the children and thought that's cute. The second one is a corner of my home...a brave picture to show you from me as its one my bedside tables. Only a few more posts till the 100th post and the liberty fabric giveaway...

P.S. The visit to the vet proved to be 99% certain Charlie and Lola are both girls, I guess they are just a little frisky...I wanted to type so much cheeky stuff here, but I have restrained myself because they are just to cute...

Monday, 11 June 2007

Ups and downs (emotional witter-you have been warned)

Before I witter on I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that left a comment. I am still at the amazed stage of blogging that people actually read this and more importantly take time out of your own busy crafting time to leave a comment. I thank you, you guys make me smile. So a week since the holiday and the tearful mood has not left me, its Monday now and I have finally worked out why, I will explain later on...So when I had one of those moments, the kind when you think all is right with the world and your so happy to be alive, it felt good. On Friday I was planning on inviting a couple of friends for lunch, one of my friends is very tidy, I am not, before we go to her house, which is a lovely house I must add, she cleans it for us. This is so nice, but I feel I should return this and clean and tidy up pre a visit here. Now I do not get this amount of 'making and playing' done without something being missed out... and that's HOUSEWORK!!! My moto is...
Clean enough to be health and dirty enough to be happy
So I was in the middle of numerous projects, gardening and playing with my youngest...I just did not feel like doing the cleaning for a visit. This makes me so sad, I would love not feel like this and most of the time I don't, but this day I decided to isolate myself. After school I went to the library and got a ton of books out, the children asked to go to the park, it was dinner time , but so sunny and no one was there so I thought 'What the hell'...

Our park is in the valley with the most spectacular scenery, all very green and beautiful blue skies with Simpson clouds. I had picked up the latest Debbie Bliss knitting book and I sat on the grass and all three of us just read our books. When the boys did go off to play I watched them. This amazing feeling of peace and contentment swept over me. The view, my children and the solitude. OK we had a late supper followed by a late bedtime, it was so worth it. Once the house was put back into some order I felt the need to sew. I finally cut into this lovely fabric. I had planned on something really special for it, I am now seeing this fabric pop up all over the place so it does not feel as special, I pulled out the cutters...One project finished. I especially love my IPOD pocket inside. Also the straps are long enough to go over my shoulder. My summer bag. Saturday was a lazy day, in the morning my children watched a movie, Just because they wanted popcorn, my little poppets had made the living room into a cinema, including all the other viewers...DO you recognise any of the viewers?
Finally on to the tears, When I was away I met up with some of the school gate Moms and their children and we went to a Farm. One of our friends is rather ill, she has had an ongoing Battle with Breast Cancer, once been given the all clear and then diagnosed again, since then it has spread quite viciously around her body. She has amazing spirit and had touched so many people with her strength. Anyway she was staying up for the week with one of my friends and had gone back for treatment for the day and we all had the pleasure of having her children play for the day (her children are a delight). I spent some time talking to one of my friends about this nasty disease and shared the personal story of the last twenty four hours of my fathers life. It was unemotional at the time, it was about facts not emotion. So I returned home and carried on and tried to get into the grove of the day to day rhythm of my life, it never really happened and its been a funny week. After a visit to my home to see my own Mom, always emotional for various reasons which I want go into. There was a flower in the garden which my Mom commented on was my Dads rose, I pulled out my camera and took the picture. This then opened up a conversation about my Mom wanting the camera back. It was my Dads, we spent many hours discussing photography and it is the thing he has passed on to me. To use his camera daily to take a picture knowing his hands had held it means so much. I know my Mom just wants to have it for emotional reasons and who could blame her. But it will not get used and this saddens me. When I came home later in the evening the tears rolled down my face, I miss my Dad.

If your still reading your doing well. This is not a post for sympathy, its a good post for me as its out there now, I now know why I have been emotional and that's OK. I try not to think about my Dad then suddenly it just hits me. The tears do help and the photography...well thanks Dad you taught me well.

Need to dash...the piggies are off to the vets to be sexed...frisky activity going on last night and I think they actually might be a Charlie and a Lola, although the frisky one is actually Lola, Oh the joys.

Friday, 8 June 2007

WIP friday and other stuff!!!!

Our little visit to Ikea actually turned out to be a whole day event. I went with a friend and her little boy, needless to say the two children started off having a great time, I say started off as later in the day my little one ended up being in the wars. He thought it was great as I had relaxed some of the rules, and guess what...He got hurt, two incidents, one his cute little smiling mouth got busted and the second his finger got caught in a trolley wheel...Ekkk! I do not often see my little guy cry, but we had big dew drop tears. Anyway after lots of cuddling from Mommy he was much better although a little bruised. I then picked up my oldest child who had been hit in the mouth by a rounders ball by none other than his teacher!!! To round it all off nicely I am off to the Doctors for some tests...All fun going on here at the moment. So that's the bad stuff on to the goodies...YES I did buy more than candles, how did you know? So here is a little shot of my booty. Loving that fabric and the little bags are so cute and useful. I always get some pens for my children also they are good for little extra birthday gifts.
As for the WIP this is my bundle. lots of knitting to finish and they are so near to being finished. The heather one has been on the go since last half term, I did not pick it up for ages, took it away with me and I am now only 16 rows from finishing it. The tank top just needs its arm edging finished, again only one evenings work. The colourful one is the holiday project that got put aside due to the playing with the crochet hook. Its a felted (or will be) hand bag. The sewing bits are two blocks for my quilt, again both near completion...
As for my little piggies, Charlie and Lola, look how big they are now. You asked for a picture and here they are...cute... cute... cute...They say 'hi 'and love your comments it makes them feel like film stars!
I leave you with a little garden play. Teddy bears picnic, enjoying the delights of Houmous and nibbles. Need to dash, sorry to be short on words to day...

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Beach dreaming

Well its been four days since I have been to the beach and I am missing it so much, I think I need to move to be closer to the Sea. I guess you have had enough witter about my holiday, I am sure you can tell it was a special time with the children. So this is a picture to make me happy and I hope it does you too. My little one, the beach boy himself!!! The weather is stunning so I am going to make this a short post as I want to be outside. I have been asked for an update on Charlie and Lola (the piggies). I must take a photo, they are twice the size now and are just the funniest things you have ever had the pleasure to watch. Chatter chatter...they live indoors in an open run/cage in the same room as the computer, so lots of company for me. At the moment they are in an outdoor run being closely watched by Archie bunny, who let me tell you is a real softy at the moment. He is so after attention, if your about he's by your feet pushing you with his nose for a tickle behind his ears. On Monday I was bringing the piggies in when one made a bid for freedom. PANIC!!! She ran in to the plant boarder which has totally over grown into the cottage garden look. It took me a good half hour to catch him. I was shaking by the time I got him and stupid me burst in to tears once the drama was over. So I hope it will not happen again, just in case I took action on the garden yesterday...Big gardening action, my hands are sore, my back is stiff, BUT the garden looks good, no the garden looks FAB!!! I went to town on the boarders and re cut into the grass boarder so it is all neat, it looks very manicured at the moment, maybe even a little to much. As a treat for clearing the boarders I am off to buy some nice flowering plants for some impact as its all green at the moment. No blog tomorrow, I am off to Ikea with a friend and taking our youngest ones with us. I am only after candles but I am sure I will buy some fabric...See you Friday for WIP day!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Foot prints in the sand...

Well I can not hold back any longer, indulge me here and let me go on about the BEACH. I have no idea what it is that draws me so much towards the sea. I just find some kind of peace there. I feel alive and creative and most of all HAPPY. So to share this with my children is a delight. My children adore the beach as much as I do. To take your shoes and socks off and run bare foot through the sand and waves is a thrill beyond words. Every day of our little holiday we would sit in the morning with our drinks and discuss what we wanted to do through that day. It was silly really because they and I would all shout 'BEACH' There was only one day when it was just not suitable to take the children so that was our nature walk day. Being true Brit's on holiday we went down on the beach come rain or shine, in fact on one day we played with our ice creams in hand and watch as the rain came over the sea towards us. Did we move, not on your life, we huddled under our home made tent (windbreak and blanket) giggling away. When eventually it did get too much because the wind blew in, we packed our stuff up and braved a walk along the harbour.
Most of the days the sun shone and the summer warmth could be felt on our skin. Our cottage was in a village near the coast and with in easy reach of some great beaches, Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington. All these beaches have two sides to them, one traditional with lots of people, slot machines and donkey rides, the other huge big spaces of beach, no one around and not a donkey in sight. We did spend most of our time in the more natural sides, but we also totally absorbed the full on British Seaside experience including fish and chip!!!
So when Mommy was not running in and out of the sea or building sand boats and roads in the sand, I pulled out my little bag of wool. I actually took a crochet hook with me and some ends of wool. I sat and played, well pretty much for hours, I came away knowing some basics, I might have got it all wrong as it was totally from playing I learnt. I came home with a little bag for my IPOD with a long double crochet strap in not one , but two colours. ( I was pleased with this, I want to add a little crochet pocket on the back to hold the ipod ear phones when not in use). I made a belt, which is going into a swap later this week. (I am busy getting two swaps out this week, I am very excited by this as they are my first Blog swaps). I also manages a few little flowers, I need to felt up the back of them and add pins. Now I really want to learn how to do the granny squares....
Beach huts, I have never been in a beach hut, but my love of all things twee and little makes me want one of my own. I really must try and hire one for the day. I love house programmes when they do up little huts and Country living often run articles on them...Ahhh I can dream can't I?
I leave you with a parting shot of Scarborough harbour and all the lobster pots. Scarborough is Britain's first Spa sea side resort and it has a lovely feel of history to it. Such a shame they built some big concrete buildings in the seventies as it has an elegant feel, if you just scratch the surface.

OFF TOPIC...Only a few more post's until my 100th post. I am so thrilled to report that yesterday I scored an amazing find, some beautiful vintage liberty fabric. The rather aging label says three meters and it could be, I do not want to open it out as it will mean removing the label. It looks to be in good condition too. As liberty is the name people think of when you think British fabric I thought I would put this in my price draw. I will still add wool if your a knitter and the winner!!! So keep looking out for the 100th post!!! Mmmm I had to write this now or I might have kept it for myself...I am committed now.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Fundays and holidays

Thanks for staying with me whilst I had my little break. I took my little guys off for a little beach holiday. That's the beauty of Britain, you are never to far away from the beach. I filled up three memory cards worth of photos (that is a lot of photographs). It was a beach holiday and the beach pictures will follow, but I had to share with you a SMALL selection of the cottage pictures, oh so many, it was just a dream cottage, built in the 1800's it had lots of character, a real fire in the living room and master bedroom. The real beauty lay in its garden. Now I love my garden, I sat a week ago in the early evening thinking how great my garden is. I return a week later and look at it and it feels small and has a rather suburban feel to it. Comparing it to the cottage garden, well what can I say... HUGE would be a good start, full of paths and mature trees and the most amazing flowers. Hidden away lots of sitting area's and tables and even a whole BBQ area hidden behind a dry stone wall and a rose trellis. Yes it was perfect for me and for the children it was a 'secret garden' . As the weather was not always sunny, typical bank holiday weather, lots of rain, we still enjoyed the outdoors but returned to a warming fire, perfect for marshmallows and we would huddle together in front of it and fill ourselves up with fresh pop corn. YUMMY (the waist is paying for it now). Little routines emerge, the favourite being the morning routine. The boys would jump into bed for a cuddle, and we would all have breakfast and then they would go off and play and Mommy would have a few moments to sit in her bedroom and get a little knitting done or a little reading, the view over the garden was quite distracting.
Remember the sparky acrylic blanket I found in a charity shop? Well it was well used. Not a fan of acrylic but for the fist time I have appreciated why it was once so popular, it was a rug in the garden over grass and brambles, on the beach and for cosy nights by the fire. A quick whizz in the washing machine and it was dry in, well, minutes.
Oh and here it is again, my favourite time of day, early evening as the sun starts to fade and the birds are singing their little hearts out, its also a good time to pour out a glass of cold wine or better still Pimms. I love Pimms, sadly its not a very 'trendy' drink, personally I think it is the perfect summer tipple especially with all the trimmings.
Usually I stay in the middle of fields and hills, but this cottage was a little village and it was a National Trust area so it has some great nature walks, so if you have not yet got bored with all the green, here is a snap of the children running off in to the greenery...
Now I am a beach girl, if you stay with me over the summer you will soon realise this, at every opportunity I am at the beach, which whilst we are a couple of hours away from good beaches with the camper van it makes it more accessible as we can make the most of weekends. So this break has really got me looking forward to the summer, sand, sea and happy children and we all know happy children make happy Mommy's.

This break was just great and I will share a few more moments with you tomorrow, then it will be back on to the crafty stuff, which I guess is why you read this blog, right! The time away with my children is always special, to have no commitments or time restraints just relaxes all off us. Between the three of us we get so much done, lots of crafty bits get designed and made and my older child is really into recording his days journal style. Alas its Monday and I woke up today with a real sense of sadness and feel quite tearful. I am trying to reassure myself it is the usual post holiday blues and it will not be long before the children are on the long summer break. I feel heavy hearted and do not really now why. I guess I enjoy the escapism of a holiday, the love I get from my kids and the great company they are. I am missing my friends who now live a long way away and I have to pull my finger out and get that washing sorted, as for my own garden...time to mow...