Thursday, 29 March 2007


Reality check...I get asked from time to time 'How do you manage to get so much stuff done' I smile sweetly and do not comment. I know the secret!!! I love blog land, its so lovely to see all the pictures of corners of peoples homes, and I admit I love some of my corners, BUT today I am showing you the picture that is the daily truth behind getting stuff don't do other stuff!!! Like house work, well not until you can write your name in the dust! SO I was super busy again yesterday, In the morning I altered a skirt, seem to be taking in a lot of skirts in lately, is this good news or maybe I should not buy the ones that sit on you hips, no good after having a couple of children, not a good look! Then I sat and cut out the dinosaur patterns (more information on this to follow over next week). Ran out the door and left the above mess like this all day. My little helper and I spent the afternoon in the garden, mowing the lawns, sanding the wooden furniture and even started painting the children's picnic table before I had to leave that mid way for the school run... Early evening play outside (ignoring the painting of the table in the middle of the lawn) mostly playing in the sand pit. Then remembering we had an egg to decorate for my older child's school for an Easter Egg competition. Left the mess and then went inside to make more (creative) mess...
Introducing to you 'Chick and Bunny', their little hen house too. Now anyone know how to get superglue of your hands? the bits would not stick so in my wisdom I got my superglue out, not a good plan when working with two excited children, they were not allowed near it, I wish I wasn't!
So then it was bedtime, as the children chilled out with their bedtime milk and cookies I ran round the garden like a mad women clearing up the mess. Sadly I left the washing up, not like me I usually like to get this done first, now I know why. Children asleep, a quick tidy up of the dinosaur mess and a pleasant hour knitting whilst watching Desperate Housewife's, Ewww! Knitting with lumps of super glue on your skin is not a nice experience. Time for bed, OH NO NOT THE DISHES. I fell into bed just before midnight. Yippee my little one slept through and he was so pleased with himself (not as pleased as me!) 'Mommy I a good boy I stayed in my room'
Finally the Month of Moo picture, My friends know how much I love my Moos and this is a card I was sent a year ago and it takes pride of place in my stamping room. Have a good day...

My spell checker is not working, I pressed it to go and it said 'DONE SPELLING' not a single spelling wrong, MMMMM!!!! This can not be right, I put in an incorrect word and you guessed it, it did not highlight it. SO I am a little nervous at posting this, I can not read my own spelling errors, cut me some slack today please, I apologise in advance.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Spring into action and lucky finds

Super active today, lots of outdoor cleaning. I have been longing to get into my garden and give it a bit of a makeover, certain areas have gone to ruin. More rubbish cleared away and the cleaning began. Power washer, I have a thing about these, I like to be careful with water, I turn my tap off whilst I clean my teeth that sort of thing. So it goes against the grain to use a power washer, but once a year I spend a very wet couple of hours cleaning the patio. Yep that's my dirty patio!!!The 'Suzie Sews' is how it all is now.
I had a break mid afternoon and had my lunch outside, Oh I can not wait till I am doing this for all my meals. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg and a big mug of Lady Grey tea, my everyday choice of tea, sorry I am not pretentious about tea so I have milk in it.
Whilst clearing out the green house I found this pot, a few bulbs that had not been replanted last year, its amazing how they grow, hardly any light and no water, how cool is nature? My little helper got busy cleaning, I had bought him a cleaning unit with his birthday money, oh Bless him, he was moping, brushing and polishing the sandpit and his pedal car, with comments like 'just like Mommy' now would that be very PC or very un PC? Who cares? I thought it cute and I was able to get on with jobs and he was HAPPY!
I started the day off with a trip to my charity shop, I had spotted some wool in the window, WOW, I am not usually that lucky but I got a big pile of Tee's for my older one all very Surf Dude in style, a couple of books for the boys, seven balls of wool and this fab crochet blanket. Now it is made of acrylic:( it even has that sort of sparky feel to it. I am showing it off to its best advantage, but I think it will be an outdoor blanket, even with its down side I think its great. I bought a cool tent for my boys, the cow boy tent from Cath Kidston, I think it will be ideal to use in here as the evening chill approaches in those long sunny days or it might end up in the camper van on those evening after a day on the beach to snuggle under.
Month of Moo picture today is a small selection of my stamps, as a rule I am not into cutie ones but I loved these and they have been used for party invites, Christmas etc. when sending out things from the children.

Monday, 26 March 2007

WIP..just a few

OK, I thought I better show you the finished gloves that I nearly finished at the half term holiday break away. After the school run I sat in the back garden (the first time its been light enough to do this in the early evening) with my boys and I took a peaceful ten minutes to sew in the lose ends and buttons on. The children playing happily together fishing with sticks from the boat (sand box) and the sea (the grass) was choppy. Ah! a blissful picture of family life. Once again its been a social day, lots of chatting and lots of children playing, its funny my youngest is now old enough that when he is playing with his friends I actually miss him, he is so happy and they play so well together that you would not know he was there. Anyway it was good to catch up with people today and it always starts the week off well.
So that's the gloves finished...just in time for summer!!! I am really pleased with them...they fit like a glove! Ha! how appalling is that cheap gag?
So as to the WIP as usual too many to mention, but the one I am keen to finish is...
The baby knit, for my friends new arrival. I guess if she was still in the area she would know what I was knitting so I made the decision to show and tell. Its so cute...
Its being Knit in the lovely new sublime wool, this is such a beautiful wool, although it does need to be taken care off, possibly hand washed but hey, its so soft.
Knitting it in white, so its careful knitting in the garden with this wool. I shall away now and watch ER and get on with it. Oh and the Charlie and Lola knitting bag is just the latest thing in cool...well my little poppet thinks so.
Month of Moo picture today is my lovely ceramic buttons, to nice to use, they are on my notice/inspiration board in my sewing room.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

The missing Moo

Missed out my Moo picture, so this is what keeps me warm at night its my 'Hotty' incase there are other meanings to this word I will clarify that it is my Hot water bottle, also used to help the pain of ear/tooth ache and chills when the children are poorly, it just helps to make them smile as he is such a friendly Moo. Check out the patchwork quilt behind, I bought this whilst away the other week, it just looks so nice in my room, its also a king size so it fits the bed really well.

Here's to a good week...

Weekend activity

Well its been the usual mix of weather this weekend, Saturday was dull and cold so I stayed in the warmth and got to grips with the cup cake saga!!! I say saga because this is the first knitting I have found hard, if your a die hard white water rafter type knitter you are allowed to laugh at me now. Please remember I am teaching myself here and I eventually got it, well, sort of right. After three tries of knitting the icing I eventually went away from the pattern and just made it up as I went along. Finished, Yippee! So when it came to my afternoon tea break I thought I would present it to my child...he was about as impressed as I was:-(
I obviously need to really practice this knitting in the round...I hope Little cotton rabbits is not reading this, her knitting is fantastic.
Now Sunday was FAB weather, so after doing some chores we hit the garden, the clocks went forward Saturday night and it really marked the change in daylight hours. The children had a great time, all the old summer toys came out, we emptied all the dirty pots and planters, we filled three bin bags full of garden bits ready to go to the tip, so it has started...getting ready for the good weather.
The boys did start cleaning things for me but they ended up filling the paddling pool (including the cleaning water) and out of the recycling made these little boats. How clever and they did float too!

So I have one more week before I need to think about Easter so I am planning to actually get some making done this week. One thing I am knitting is the cutest top for my friends New arrival, but as she reads my blog I can not show you pictures! I also plan to make some dinosaurs and I need to alter some clothes...I better get off my Bum and get on with it...
Wooops forgot my Moo picture I will post it on its own.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Too social to be productive

Well its Saturday already and it has been an odd sort of week, I have caught up with most of my friends and family. This has been a real treat, but has meant that I have not been very productive on the arty front. SO I am posting a photo of my lunch yesterday to compensate for lack of creativity! I really like the colours in it, I have made it this sort of long thin shape as I think it would make a great bookmark, I have a friend who likes to cook and I think laminated this would be a good little gift along with a cookery book, maybe even a hand written recipe style one.
As you know by now my youngest is not a sleeper, so this was the picture in our house before 7.00am this morning, note the coffee cup...I need something to keep my eyes open!!!
Just as you think 'Oh man I need to sleep' I was presented with this picture and told that the SM at the corner of the picture stands for SUPER MUM!!!

Have a great weekend...

I am really touched by the comment in the Congratulations post (previous post) this is from my Best Mate who lives in Australia, she has been working really hard the last couple of years, to busy to bother her with my blog so it was such a heart warming treat to see she has taken the time to read it and say such nice things...We spent an hour this morning on the phone catching up with each other.

Friday, 23 March 2007


Congratulations to my friend, she has just had a baby girl. QUICK work girl. I am so pleased, all our friends have been informed and everyone is very excited and also a little sad that we can not come and see you and the new arrival. Wishing this special family all the best. Well done.

Going round in circles

Oh My! yesterday was just such an unexpected social day. I spent the whole day chatting, I had an invite for lunch from a friend and before we knew it it was school run time, both our little boys had the best time playing together and they made some great ladybird cakes...flour everywhere!!! My friend has just stopped being a Bodyshop consultant and was getting rid of her stock...FAB FOR ME!!! I got a HUGE bag full of goodies. VERY HAPPY! Then I spent the early evening on the phone with various people phoning to see if our Friend had had her baby yet. It was good to catch up with old friends. Sadly my boys did not get much Mummy time because of this, but they got their Dino Track out and ran it through the house so they actually had a good time. In the evening I curled up on the sofa and watched Pans Labyrinth. I had my cup cake knitting at the ready(see above picture as proof of my not so good effort) SHOCK...the film was in subs, I had no idea, so it was knitting down, glasses on. It was a great film, two excellent story lines running through it, a little scary and in parts down right horrific but equally beautiful. It is as good as all the reviews say, I would say it would take someone with a good imagination to REALLY enjoy it, you do have to allow yourself to get sucked into the film or it just would not have any effect on you.
So with all this activity not a single stitch got knitted, not a single photograph was taken...No wait I did make a few patchwork stitches whilst at breakfast with the boys...That was it, I can not believe I did not take a single picture...
The latest Month of Moo picture is one of my favourites, I got the Moo on a holiday in Yorkshire with my boys a few years ago and its on the nursery bedroom door, its a very child like Moo and of course its wood and I have a real passion for this wonderful natural material.

Thursday, 22 March 2007


Well I am in the middle of a number of projects at the moment, to many to go into and some so nearly finished...(usual story). So today is a bit of a disjointed post until I get organised. Yesterday was such a treat, after all the excitement of the last two weeks we had a quite day at home, my little poppet spent the afternoon playing in the garden, the sun was warm and quite bright, so whilst he played in the soil (planting all the birds sunflowers seeds) I sat with a pot of tea and tried my hand at knitting in the round...AHHHH I have always been so scared to to this but I so wanted to knit a cup cake...We are not on are own in the garden, Archie our pet rabbit was lopping around, he just popped on to the blog to say...BOO! Anyway the knitting did not go to well, I manged to knit in the round, messy but I did it, the case was done and it looks cute, when I came to make the top, I tried twice and each time it was far to small. So I nipped to the local charity shop today to pick up another set of sock needles (18p) so I can have a try with larger needles, it does say this on the pattern but I am not one for following direction, maybe I should? SO after one bad knit I thought I would show you one that turned out well. I admired a scarf like this last year in a knitting shop (which sadly is now closed) it was crochet, well I can chain and I can make my own flowers but I can not follow a pattern so I gave up on making one. Then I found a really easy pattern for the same style scarf but knitting. Its done in Debbie Bliss wool, Oh how I love her wool. I am really pleased with it but it has been more of a decoration rather than something to wear.
So here is today's Month of Moo picture, which is also a corner of my home, its my art table. I bought the Mug from the hospice that my Dad passed away in so it has huge sentimental value for me, when it got cracked I was so upset, my friend suggested using it for storage, so that's what I did and now I have it for inspiration by my paper arts corner. The blue storage with flowers on came from my best mate in Australia, she made it for eh?

My friend who moved away in January, has just phoned me to say her waters have broken and she is on her way to hospital...I am SOOOOOOO excited. It only seems like yesterday that I was sat with her at knitting night while she was trying to get pregnant and was feeling very upset and warn out by it all as each month passed, so today is a HAPPY day, God Bless you my friend and the soon to be new arrival.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Birthday Party fun!!!

Phew, that was one exhausting day. But man did we have happy kids. So it was my littlest ones birthday, just a few friends so he could experience the party feeling. I like a theme for a party as I have mentioned before and as its the month of Moo I took that idea one step further and had a Super Hero party which turned into a Super Moo party, go with me on this one! So I got busy with the cake at 11.30pm the night before, the plan was the Super Moo in a field but right at the start my garlic press (which is what makes the grass) broke, at that time of night I had no way of getting another one, so my plan changed some what to a more pretty cake, still it turned out OK, not what I had in mind but it was greeted at breakfast with squeals of glee so I must have done something right.
The 'PARTY FOOD' was laid out, sugar rush had nothing on us! We did have sandwiches etc, they just had not been made yet!
The Super Hero was already for his BIG moment, He looked adorable, I just love the one shoe on and one off look! How cute are those pants?
The goodie bags all complete, goodies inside (four cookie cutters, a recipe card, wooden spoon for mixing and a few other goodies) So we where ready to go...the house was trashed, a whirl wind of children running from room to room, Mums sitting around enjoying a few moments of free time and a cup of tea. The children lurched into the 'Party Food' everyone sang Happy Birthday, then some organised activities. Being crafty I could not miss the opportunity to get the kids involved. I had bought a load of cheap T'Shirts and with some fabric pens they all sat on the floor and designed their own Tee's. Man some of the idea's these kids have are great. Then it was Musical Bumps and pass the parcel. We had a special friend missing and her little girl, so if your reading this...we missed you. Plus the food I had made for the Mums was hardly touched, I am used to my mate just getting stuck in, I struggle a bit with politeness, I am used to people making themselves at home and if they want a cuppa to help themselves. Not that I am not happy to do it, in fact I always have this urge to feed my visitors...(Mmmm just read over this and a thought came to me about it, all my visitors are slim so maybe its nothing to do with politeness and more to do with how much I eat...this made me giggle!!!)

Anyway the party was great fun and the kids all went home happy, I then went to another friends house for dinner with my boys and the party boy just slept curled up on the sofa in his little suit, so cute.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Lets go outside...

Lets go outside (George Michael song now going around in my head) This reminds me of no appropriate behaviour's blog, I had been reading for a few months before I realised that all her title's are songs...Mmmmm that was a Homer Simpson 'DOH'! moment for me. Sometimes I can be so so thick!;-) Anyway we went out yesterday and when we returned home it was snowing with a good layer of snow already on the ground. My oldest was SOOOO happy, sadly my wee one was fast asleep. He did not miss out as when they awoke this morning it was bright and sunny (yer around 5.30am) They pulled on their wellies and ran into the garden with shouts of glee. So strange our weather at the moment, whilst it is snowy it is lovely and warm, not hot but no need for coats. So I thought I would show you a few views from my house, personally I think they are lovely but then I chose to leave here so I would I guess... The first one is the view from my wee ones nursery, I remember all those days and nights nursing him in his big rocker and just starring at this view, we call it cow hill for obvious reasons. The next one is from the front of the house and the third one is the stream at the bottom of our grove. Blue skies all the way. Mothers day was a good day here, I did get a lovely treat and a hand made bunch of flowers. After a lazy morning we all piled into the car and drove to my Mums, picked her up and went for dinner at my brothers. He does not have kids and he adores mine so they just had the best time. Mothers day always makes me a little thoughtful. I am adopted so I tend to think about my birth Mom, oddly on the trip home my oldest child asked me completely out of the blue why my Mom had given me away, it threw me somewhat.
Anyway whilst with my family my blog was mentioned, my Mum's just not interested and changed the subject quickly, and my brother, well lets just say he likes to have a bit of a giggle about his little sister. Its so funny, the person they chose to think I am, every few years this opinion changes but mostly they just like to have a laugh at me. DO I mind? sometimes yes and other times I just enjoy the fact that they have this funny picture of me, its quite endearing. I am happy with who I am. I do have this incredible need to make things, it can be quite overpowering at times and they can not understand why I do not just go out and buy what I want. I can not really explain it myself, I have had this need all my life, I have always sewn, played with wool, painted, drawn, cooked just made things...some good some not so good. SO how do you help someone to understand that this is crucial to who you are when they do not have any of these needs.
Oh that all sounds rather serious and its not its just a light observation of family life and the dynamics that go on within it. So its birthday party time tomorrow and I have heaps to do. So I better away and tidy up the weekends mess and start with the Super Hero cake. Today's Month of Moo picture is my cow from the cow parade, its a 'Super Moo' he wanted to get in on the outdoor action but despite being a Super Hero he still gets cold feet!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2007


Super Hero time...Well as you know its been Birthday week here for my little family and the fun is not over yet. I used to make a BIG deal of the birthday party pre-school days. It would be a weekend event with our friends and their children, lots of foods and drink and always with a theme, Knights and Princesses, Pirates and Space Travel. The kids loved it and the parents, well just got tiddly until they ended up in the...castle/ship/rocket. But with the onset of school, time is a little pressing. So we have started to go away for the Birthdays. I feel guilty that my youngest has not really been part of this party thing, so I am holding a small party for him on Tuesday. Its a Super Hero Party. So Mommy has been on the sewing machine... This little cape has not been off his back, he loves it and he really thinks he can Fly (which is slightly worrying). On the day he is wearing it with his Superman PJ's. So yesterday he was flying around the house most of the day but even Super Hero's need to rest...
That's one tired out Super Hero. Note the slippers, how cute are they? They set of the outfit to perfection.
Month of Moo, my little collection of happy Moos sitting by the fire to warm themselves up.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Happy Birthday my boys

Welcome back, its still the month of Moo so here is today's Moo. Its been a great couple of days, thanks for coming back to me. Well I took off for a little holiday, I went away for a couple of days to really celebrate my boys big days. We went to the cottage and just had the BEST time. It was sooo relaxing and the weather was fab, sunny and warm, we even had a birthday lunch out on the terrace in the warm sunshine. Lots of swimming, walking and bike riding was had. Plus lots of opening gifts and even lots of sleeping...
So Happy Birthday my boys you are the best guys and I love you so much.
This is the view form our backdoor, it does not really show how sunny it was but believe me it was great. A real treat to get away from it all. This is what I got up to, I have been going to knit this for ages and I wanted something to take with me that I could do without to much concentration. I was put off that you have nearly 6oo stitches to cast on. Anyway I got busy, carried it around in a little plastic baggie and it went on the walks with us, to the pool, sitting in the sun and curled up in front of the fire until it was complete...
It goes great with a spring pink linen coat I have. So roll on spring time, the lambs are being born, the trees are in blossom, the daffodils are in full bloom, is life just great? You Bet!

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Shopping goodies

After another try of ringing British Rail lost property today, we have accepted that the present is now for someone else or is on sale at EBAY. Feeling very sorry for myself especially after another horrendous nights sleep. My youngest basically was awake a number of time through the night and decided he might just as well get up...yes it was still the early hours and there was no going back to sleep. Anyway lets talk quilting. This is really coming on now I have around twelve blocks. I am learning so much stuff on this course and its such a nice way to focus on just one thing. The first block is a little bit sugary in colours but it does blend in well with the overall colour scheme.
This one was a tricky one, a lot of thought in getting the fabric the right way so it stretches correctly. I really like these colours. The shop attached to the course is selling second hand books, so I picked this one up for the price of a magazine, it has some really fun ideas in it. Also the Homespun book, this is a great reference magazine and has a really good pull out that you usually do not need to go to a photocopy store to get enlarged. This bugs me when I am wanting to make something then realise I need to get the pattern enlarged.
These are some of the new stunning fabrics out at the moment, so yummy, they remind me of sugar almonds, although not a good photo I admit, it was late last night when I took them. Some nice textures going on within the fabric.
Finally my Month of Moo picture. I had been looking at Frenchknots lovely frames and I think this is why I picked this one up. It was only when I got home did I realise the sewing was not finished off at the foot. It is a mass marketed product so its not a surprise I guess. I was cross, as a crafter I would never allow my work to go out like this.
Well its birthday week for my children this week. I am going to be spending time with them and doing the last minute bits, baking cakes, sewing a hero cape etc... so I am going to take a couple of days off the blog. I will be back towards the end of the week, please stay with me, you are keeping me sane at the moment. Do you know anyone of my friends or family that know I keep a blog just think I am a bit odd, well actually sad (Oh accept for my mate Caroline, who is a great pal who understands the need to create). I know I should not get upset about it as they think the fact that I make rather than buy is sad so its nothing new. When I discovered all the craft blogs I remember feeling that actually it was OK to be like this and in fact it was actually something to be proud of. Why do people who do not see the world the way you do assume you are the silly one. OK off my soap box now and once again thanks for taking the time to read my witter...

Have a great few days.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Oh Bum!!!

Well after the busy day yesterday I settled down in the evening with a glass or two of wine before I organised all the 'stuff' I needed for the workshop. It was such a treat, I so enjoy these classes. I worked on two blocks, photo's will be posted tomorrow if all goes well. I bought some new fat quarters, LUSH!!! I bought a secondhand book, a new Homespun magazine and a felting tool. SO quite a good day. Eight hours later I was back home, greeted by demands of milk and dinner from my little poppets. I really enjoyed the day and was generally feeling good about life. The boys had spent the day in the city, they had bought my Mothers day present. Suddenly there was the realisation that the gift did not come home with them but, had been left on the train. I did not get too upset, Mother's day gifts are usually a token and the home made card is the important part for me, or in one years case a cool little handmade book with lots of hand drawings in it held together with a safety pin. Apparently this was a VERY special gift. It was a speaker and dock for my Ipod!!! Man can you believe it how great is that, after numerous calls to British Rail's lost luggage, its no surprise, it has not been handed in. Someone someplace is holding a very exciting FREE gift. I am lost for words, it was a real big thing, as money at the moment is an issue, it being Birthday Month. The boys are upset, and not wanting to sound materialistic so was I. So that's our great news for today...Oh Bum!!! A nicer post next time with some photos of this weekends goodies.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Busy little soul

Oh Mann! It has been SO busy around here, I thought this week was going to be an easy one, who was I kidding!!! Restaurant Thursday went off well, the sign was finished and put up, the bell is for my oldest to ring to say the restaurant is open, its a great way to get him to lay out the table. (Note: the cow, this is a sneaky 'today's' picture for Month of Moo). The food was all eaten up, the waitress (me) had to work real hard, and these little customers give a great tip...lots of kisses!!!
I have spent a lot of time sitting here over the last couple of days between school runs etc...
Busy making these, all finished now... Party Bags for the 'Super Hero party'
These are the recipe cards, thanks Caroline for emailing me the the recipe. Can you spy all my lovely papers...
Its my patchwork course tomorrow and I can not wait. A bit of luxury time for Mommy. Today has been manic, a whirl wind of people and children through my door and a visitor for dinner tonight...I thought I had a clear morning to write my blog, after I had made some soup and filled the slow cooker with a Greek Stew the door bell goes, two friends popping in to say Hi, after the nursery run a couple of friends and their four children arrived for lunch, the kids had a GREAT time, off to the library for story time and then the school run. At home for a breather then off out to collect my oldest child just in time for our guest to arrive...Phew, take a breath Suzie...
Have a great weekend.