Monday, 29 January 2007

Show and Tell (shopping)

Well the weekend started out great, Mr Postman brought two packages. I had no idea what was in them so over toast me and my children had a ball guessing, on opening them look what fell out...all over the place. Little hands got busy and I have to say a little dirty.
I think I have been a bit silly as they had that 'fusty' smell so I soaked them in some mild (Ecover) washing up liquid. Some of the plastic has gone soft, and they still smell a bit. Maybe I shall have to handle old buttons with more care, should I have done something different to clean them? Most of them are not really usable but there are a few really super ones, especially some green ones. I Love Green. So the craft show which is advertised as the Knit, stitch and craft show, really was mostly craft and sadly pretty much run of the mill stuff. I tend to get my craft supply from a specialist shop as I like to support the art element to it, small shops need our support right? Anyway, we all went into the city on the train and I went off on my own to the show. It was PACKED! I managed to get a few purchases. This wool, as you can see the little jacket was not a purchase but a previous knit of mine. I got the original wool from a really small shop which has now closed. It was the last of that wool and I wanted more as it knits up lovely. The cardie is my first attempt at going it alone without a proper pattern. So I was pleased to see the wool and it was over half the price I had previously paid for it, Happy Happy Happy!!! On to the ONE fabric stall, I bought the following prints, the people fabric I plan to make a fun skirt with for the spring, The flower green fabric for my stash and the others are to go in my WIP quilt. These cuties caught my eyes, they were being sold as card toppers, but where iron ons. After all the T Shirts I made for Christmas (all 14 of them) with applique I thought these a quick and fun little project to do with the kids.
I also bought some wool tops for felting and some sock wool and a pattern which I will show later in the week.
I met up with my family and we had a walk around the city, we then had dinner at Pizza Express, a lovely glass of wine really did help my sore feet! Walking back to the train we popped into Fat Face (one of my favourite shops) and I treated myself to 'the dress'. Everyone was tired and happy and all slept well.
We went for Sunday lunch with family and I started my next knitting project. I am off to iron some fabric now as my sewing machine is feeling left out.


sarah said...

Sounds like you had a fun and full weekend. I have little patience for new things that I don't have some bit of talent at, so I am always amazed when people can knit and crochet. I really want to, but I just can't teach myself, no matter how many books I buy. Kudos on that!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a pretty successful shopping expedition! Look foward to seeing some of the purchases when they've been made up - especially the skirt with all the people on !! Hope you have something good planned for the wool you bought.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

wow you scored some great stuff. I would have washed the buttons pretty much the same way.....fusty? Never heard that it. It's my new word. It must be like musty.

And....YOU MADE THAT CARDIGAN? Holy cow girl! I would have to frame that the put it on my wall. Awesome job!