Sunday, 28 January 2007

Lazy Sunday Morning

Oh how I love Sunday morning, so nice to be so lazy, pottering around doing very little. I have just put some fabric in the wash as I intend to get some sewing done this week. Yesterday was busy! busy! busy! with a full day spent in the city. I like to visit the city especially as a family. I will 'show and tell' my purchases from the craft show later in the week. Sadly it was not very good, there was only one fabric stall and just a few knitting stalls, and none selling anything different. Still I managed to buy a few bits.Anyway today is a family day so I shall away now and leave you with a picture of the 'mouse' called Rumage. I was so excited I had finished it that I even woke my child up to give it to him, I was rewarded with a BIG smile and hands reached out to which Rumage got lost in the cuddle.

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