Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Spring into action and lucky finds

Super active today, lots of outdoor cleaning. I have been longing to get into my garden and give it a bit of a makeover, certain areas have gone to ruin. More rubbish cleared away and the cleaning began. Power washer, I have a thing about these, I like to be careful with water, I turn my tap off whilst I clean my teeth that sort of thing. So it goes against the grain to use a power washer, but once a year I spend a very wet couple of hours cleaning the patio. Yep that's my dirty patio!!!The 'Suzie Sews' is how it all is now.
I had a break mid afternoon and had my lunch outside, Oh I can not wait till I am doing this for all my meals. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg and a big mug of Lady Grey tea, my everyday choice of tea, sorry I am not pretentious about tea so I have milk in it.
Whilst clearing out the green house I found this pot, a few bulbs that had not been replanted last year, its amazing how they grow, hardly any light and no water, how cool is nature? My little helper got busy cleaning, I had bought him a cleaning unit with his birthday money, oh Bless him, he was moping, brushing and polishing the sandpit and his pedal car, with comments like 'just like Mommy' now would that be very PC or very un PC? Who cares? I thought it cute and I was able to get on with jobs and he was HAPPY!
I started the day off with a trip to my charity shop, I had spotted some wool in the window, WOW, I am not usually that lucky but I got a big pile of Tee's for my older one all very Surf Dude in style, a couple of books for the boys, seven balls of wool and this fab crochet blanket. Now it is made of acrylic:( it even has that sort of sparky feel to it. I am showing it off to its best advantage, but I think it will be an outdoor blanket, even with its down side I think its great. I bought a cool tent for my boys, the cow boy tent from Cath Kidston, I think it will be ideal to use in here as the evening chill approaches in those long sunny days or it might end up in the camper van on those evening after a day on the beach to snuggle under.
Month of Moo picture today is a small selection of my stamps, as a rule I am not into cutie ones but I loved these and they have been used for party invites, Christmas etc. when sending out things from the children.


sarah said...

That is some sort of impressive haul! And I love power washers. It used to be my favorite part of my screen printing class; powerwashing the screen to clean it!

nel said...

Hi Suzie...love the art work in the patio, now that's what I call creative!! Your crochet rug is lovely, I have just taken up crochet again and can't wait to make a gorgeous, big rug like that. Look forward to dropping by again...Nel

Caroline said...

The patio artwork is fantastic! Is there nothing you can do without being all creative about it? Even your lunch looks great!

Janie said...

Ooh lunch outside...sounds wonderful. I can't wait to be doing that soon too.
Wow, your Moo stamps look great.

weirdbunny said...

Graffeti with a power washer - how cool is that ! You should use it as your profile picture!