Thursday, 22 March 2007


Well I am in the middle of a number of projects at the moment, to many to go into and some so nearly finished...(usual story). So today is a bit of a disjointed post until I get organised. Yesterday was such a treat, after all the excitement of the last two weeks we had a quite day at home, my little poppet spent the afternoon playing in the garden, the sun was warm and quite bright, so whilst he played in the soil (planting all the birds sunflowers seeds) I sat with a pot of tea and tried my hand at knitting in the round...AHHHH I have always been so scared to to this but I so wanted to knit a cup cake...We are not on are own in the garden, Archie our pet rabbit was lopping around, he just popped on to the blog to say...BOO! Anyway the knitting did not go to well, I manged to knit in the round, messy but I did it, the case was done and it looks cute, when I came to make the top, I tried twice and each time it was far to small. So I nipped to the local charity shop today to pick up another set of sock needles (18p) so I can have a try with larger needles, it does say this on the pattern but I am not one for following direction, maybe I should? SO after one bad knit I thought I would show you one that turned out well. I admired a scarf like this last year in a knitting shop (which sadly is now closed) it was crochet, well I can chain and I can make my own flowers but I can not follow a pattern so I gave up on making one. Then I found a really easy pattern for the same style scarf but knitting. Its done in Debbie Bliss wool, Oh how I love her wool. I am really pleased with it but it has been more of a decoration rather than something to wear.
So here is today's Month of Moo picture, which is also a corner of my home, its my art table. I bought the Mug from the hospice that my Dad passed away in so it has huge sentimental value for me, when it got cracked I was so upset, my friend suggested using it for storage, so that's what I did and now I have it for inspiration by my paper arts corner. The blue storage with flowers on came from my best mate in Australia, she made it for eh?

My friend who moved away in January, has just phoned me to say her waters have broken and she is on her way to hospital...I am SOOOOOOO excited. It only seems like yesterday that I was sat with her at knitting night while she was trying to get pregnant and was feeling very upset and warn out by it all as each month passed, so today is a HAPPY day, God Bless you my friend and the soon to be new arrival.


sarah said...

This is totally my dirty mind and not the work of wonderful Suzie, but I read the last paragraph and all I could picture was you and she knitting while she was in the physical midst of getting pregnant! O___O Naughty Sarah!

On a much less dirty note, I love Archie. I love him bunches!

Suzie Sews said...

You made me laugh at this, I re read the post and your right it does sound like I was actally there, brings a whole new meaning to knitting night.