Saturday, 10 March 2007

Oh Bum!!!

Well after the busy day yesterday I settled down in the evening with a glass or two of wine before I organised all the 'stuff' I needed for the workshop. It was such a treat, I so enjoy these classes. I worked on two blocks, photo's will be posted tomorrow if all goes well. I bought some new fat quarters, LUSH!!! I bought a secondhand book, a new Homespun magazine and a felting tool. SO quite a good day. Eight hours later I was back home, greeted by demands of milk and dinner from my little poppets. I really enjoyed the day and was generally feeling good about life. The boys had spent the day in the city, they had bought my Mothers day present. Suddenly there was the realisation that the gift did not come home with them but, had been left on the train. I did not get too upset, Mother's day gifts are usually a token and the home made card is the important part for me, or in one years case a cool little handmade book with lots of hand drawings in it held together with a safety pin. Apparently this was a VERY special gift. It was a speaker and dock for my Ipod!!! Man can you believe it how great is that, after numerous calls to British Rail's lost luggage, its no surprise, it has not been handed in. Someone someplace is holding a very exciting FREE gift. I am lost for words, it was a real big thing, as money at the moment is an issue, it being Birthday Month. The boys are upset, and not wanting to sound materialistic so was I. So that's our great news for today...Oh Bum!!! A nicer post next time with some photos of this weekends goodies.

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Caroline said...

Oh that is a total nightmare! Why can't other people just be honest eh? Bet hubby was in for a bit of stick there though wasn't he ?