Monday, 19 March 2007

Lets go outside...

Lets go outside (George Michael song now going around in my head) This reminds me of no appropriate behaviour's blog, I had been reading for a few months before I realised that all her title's are songs...Mmmmm that was a Homer Simpson 'DOH'! moment for me. Sometimes I can be so so thick!;-) Anyway we went out yesterday and when we returned home it was snowing with a good layer of snow already on the ground. My oldest was SOOOO happy, sadly my wee one was fast asleep. He did not miss out as when they awoke this morning it was bright and sunny (yer around 5.30am) They pulled on their wellies and ran into the garden with shouts of glee. So strange our weather at the moment, whilst it is snowy it is lovely and warm, not hot but no need for coats. So I thought I would show you a few views from my house, personally I think they are lovely but then I chose to leave here so I would I guess... The first one is the view from my wee ones nursery, I remember all those days and nights nursing him in his big rocker and just starring at this view, we call it cow hill for obvious reasons. The next one is from the front of the house and the third one is the stream at the bottom of our grove. Blue skies all the way. Mothers day was a good day here, I did get a lovely treat and a hand made bunch of flowers. After a lazy morning we all piled into the car and drove to my Mums, picked her up and went for dinner at my brothers. He does not have kids and he adores mine so they just had the best time. Mothers day always makes me a little thoughtful. I am adopted so I tend to think about my birth Mom, oddly on the trip home my oldest child asked me completely out of the blue why my Mom had given me away, it threw me somewhat.
Anyway whilst with my family my blog was mentioned, my Mum's just not interested and changed the subject quickly, and my brother, well lets just say he likes to have a bit of a giggle about his little sister. Its so funny, the person they chose to think I am, every few years this opinion changes but mostly they just like to have a laugh at me. DO I mind? sometimes yes and other times I just enjoy the fact that they have this funny picture of me, its quite endearing. I am happy with who I am. I do have this incredible need to make things, it can be quite overpowering at times and they can not understand why I do not just go out and buy what I want. I can not really explain it myself, I have had this need all my life, I have always sewn, played with wool, painted, drawn, cooked just made things...some good some not so good. SO how do you help someone to understand that this is crucial to who you are when they do not have any of these needs.
Oh that all sounds rather serious and its not its just a light observation of family life and the dynamics that go on within it. So its birthday party time tomorrow and I have heaps to do. So I better away and tidy up the weekends mess and start with the Super Hero cake. Today's Month of Moo picture is my cow from the cow parade, its a 'Super Moo' he wanted to get in on the outdoor action but despite being a Super Hero he still gets cold feet!!!


sarah said...

I want to come live at your house! Such a beautiful landscape!

How heavy is that cow? Because it would look FABULOUS on top of the cake!

And poo on your family! We love you just the way you are!

Jo said...

It's funny the reaction some nonblogging people have isn't it! Looks like you live in a lovely spot, what super views

Janie said...

What lovely views. I often yearn to live in the country. I've always lived on the very edge of towns and never quite escaped.

You are wonderful just the way you are.

capello said...

you mention george michael and the first thing i start thinking is "i'll be your preacher-teacher, anything you have in mind"

bad, bad influence! bad!