Sunday, 25 March 2007

Weekend activity

Well its been the usual mix of weather this weekend, Saturday was dull and cold so I stayed in the warmth and got to grips with the cup cake saga!!! I say saga because this is the first knitting I have found hard, if your a die hard white water rafter type knitter you are allowed to laugh at me now. Please remember I am teaching myself here and I eventually got it, well, sort of right. After three tries of knitting the icing I eventually went away from the pattern and just made it up as I went along. Finished, Yippee! So when it came to my afternoon tea break I thought I would present it to my child...he was about as impressed as I was:-(
I obviously need to really practice this knitting in the round...I hope Little cotton rabbits is not reading this, her knitting is fantastic.
Now Sunday was FAB weather, so after doing some chores we hit the garden, the clocks went forward Saturday night and it really marked the change in daylight hours. The children had a great time, all the old summer toys came out, we emptied all the dirty pots and planters, we filled three bin bags full of garden bits ready to go to the tip, so it has started...getting ready for the good weather.
The boys did start cleaning things for me but they ended up filling the paddling pool (including the cleaning water) and out of the recycling made these little boats. How clever and they did float too!

So I have one more week before I need to think about Easter so I am planning to actually get some making done this week. One thing I am knitting is the cutest top for my friends New arrival, but as she reads my blog I can not show you pictures! I also plan to make some dinosaurs and I need to alter some clothes...I better get off my Bum and get on with it...
Wooops forgot my Moo picture I will post it on its own.

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julie said...

Love the cupcake - yummy colours! (thanks for the compliment btw!)Isn't it nice to feel that summer is on the way? Looks like the kids had fun! Hope we get a proper taster of summer over the easter break. I could do with a bit of knitting in the garden!