Sunday, 11 March 2007

Shopping goodies

After another try of ringing British Rail lost property today, we have accepted that the present is now for someone else or is on sale at EBAY. Feeling very sorry for myself especially after another horrendous nights sleep. My youngest basically was awake a number of time through the night and decided he might just as well get up...yes it was still the early hours and there was no going back to sleep. Anyway lets talk quilting. This is really coming on now I have around twelve blocks. I am learning so much stuff on this course and its such a nice way to focus on just one thing. The first block is a little bit sugary in colours but it does blend in well with the overall colour scheme.
This one was a tricky one, a lot of thought in getting the fabric the right way so it stretches correctly. I really like these colours. The shop attached to the course is selling second hand books, so I picked this one up for the price of a magazine, it has some really fun ideas in it. Also the Homespun book, this is a great reference magazine and has a really good pull out that you usually do not need to go to a photocopy store to get enlarged. This bugs me when I am wanting to make something then realise I need to get the pattern enlarged.
These are some of the new stunning fabrics out at the moment, so yummy, they remind me of sugar almonds, although not a good photo I admit, it was late last night when I took them. Some nice textures going on within the fabric.
Finally my Month of Moo picture. I had been looking at Frenchknots lovely frames and I think this is why I picked this one up. It was only when I got home did I realise the sewing was not finished off at the foot. It is a mass marketed product so its not a surprise I guess. I was cross, as a crafter I would never allow my work to go out like this.
Well its birthday week for my children this week. I am going to be spending time with them and doing the last minute bits, baking cakes, sewing a hero cape etc... so I am going to take a couple of days off the blog. I will be back towards the end of the week, please stay with me, you are keeping me sane at the moment. Do you know anyone of my friends or family that know I keep a blog just think I am a bit odd, well actually sad (Oh accept for my mate Caroline, who is a great pal who understands the need to create). I know I should not get upset about it as they think the fact that I make rather than buy is sad so its nothing new. When I discovered all the craft blogs I remember feeling that actually it was OK to be like this and in fact it was actually something to be proud of. Why do people who do not see the world the way you do assume you are the silly one. OK off my soap box now and once again thanks for taking the time to read my witter...

Have a great few days.


Natasha said...

Have a good week- my son has a birthday this week too!!

Your blocks are really cool and I love the fabric- so spring-y!

sarah said...

People like to judge so they feel better about themselves. It's sad, but true. I'm so sorry about your lost present! How sad for your boys! I'm sure they feel wretched!

Your blocks are looking fabulous! Great work.

beki said...

Such pretty quilt blocks!

Melissa said...

Oh that's just awful about losing such an awesome mothers day gift.

I really LOVE that second square you made, it definitely does look difficult but you mastered it!

Jo said...

Your poor boys - bet they are gutted.
Your patchwork blocks look great, especially the triangle ones

Janie said...

I know what you mean...I get a mixture of "Blog? Mmm that's strange" to "wow that's really cool".
Loving your Month of Moo.
Hope the boys enjoy their birthdays.