Friday, 23 March 2007


Congratulations to my friend, she has just had a baby girl. QUICK work girl. I am so pleased, all our friends have been informed and everyone is very excited and also a little sad that we can not come and see you and the new arrival. Wishing this special family all the best. Well done.

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pommie said...

Hi Suzie,
Lovely to speak to you today & really touching to see all your writing so captures your 'warmth' and you have made some beautiful and imaginative things...I can see why people are enjoying your blog - it is very you - no pretention, what you see is what you get. How lucky am I? I really do have the best, best friend :).
This was lovely to read Suz - I went right back to the reminded me that no matter how well you think you know someone, there is always more to find out about how they feel.
Take care you.