Saturday, 24 March 2007

Too social to be productive

Well its Saturday already and it has been an odd sort of week, I have caught up with most of my friends and family. This has been a real treat, but has meant that I have not been very productive on the arty front. SO I am posting a photo of my lunch yesterday to compensate for lack of creativity! I really like the colours in it, I have made it this sort of long thin shape as I think it would make a great bookmark, I have a friend who likes to cook and I think laminated this would be a good little gift along with a cookery book, maybe even a hand written recipe style one.
As you know by now my youngest is not a sleeper, so this was the picture in our house before 7.00am this morning, note the coffee cup...I need something to keep my eyes open!!!
Just as you think 'Oh man I need to sleep' I was presented with this picture and told that the SM at the corner of the picture stands for SUPER MUM!!!

Have a great weekend...

I am really touched by the comment in the Congratulations post (previous post) this is from my Best Mate who lives in Australia, she has been working really hard the last couple of years, to busy to bother her with my blog so it was such a heart warming treat to see she has taken the time to read it and say such nice things...We spent an hour this morning on the phone catching up with each other.


sarah said...

I'm glad your kids don't live here. I get sick if I get up that early too many days in a row. I'm better if I get to sleep til 8 or 9. Take today, for instance. I'm crazy sick, so I slept til 10 and then took a 4 hour nap at noon! Its all I can do to sit here right now, but there are blogs to be enjoyed, dagnabbit!

My neice is on my brother and sister in laws schedule, so she sleeps a bit later, which is nice. I hope my own children are like that!

Poor dear!

Natasha said...

oh I can relate but there is good news on the early to rise front for you!! I had my own early bird who is now ten (Everett) he still rises early but if we are not up yet he fixes breakfast for himself and his brothers!! Often we will hear his shushing his brother so we can sleep. An angel I tell you!!