Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Colours of the Rainbow

Well today is so far a good day, I did right to just let go of trying to organise everything yesterday. I am still a bit worried about the amount of stuff that needs to come together this week, but allowing myself to just go with the flow has really helped. Only this morning I was asked to help with the nursery sports day tomorrow, one more thing to do, but you know that's just too cute an opportunity to miss out on.

So off went all my parcels, a couple of commissions , my two swaps (I am so excited about these) and a few EBAY payments for fabric and threads. So I should be getting some fab stuff in the post over the next week...Yippee This bag is just a glimpse of one of my swaps and until they get it I am not saying who its for, of course once they get it (and hoping they like it) I will link you to their blog, I read some pretty good blogs let me tell you. There is a story behind this Cath Kidston style bag, which if I have time later in the week I shall share with you. Still on busy mode so it will have to wait.
After school I took my boys to the local charity/thrifty shop. I do this as a means of not buying them sweets, they get to buy a toy for the price of a bar of Chocolate and I get to have a rummage and it supports a Hospice Charity, everyone is happy. Inspired by ArtsycraftyBabe's post about the pillowcases she picked up I looked in the box marked pillowcases. Yum! a pretty candy pink vintage Laura Ashley pillow case and two William Morris styled ones made out of a well washed linen fabric. Also two fabulous dresses for girls ages 6/7. The most amazing fabrics, rather colourful but a great find. I would love a little girl to dress them in. I actually thought about sending them to my little poppet in Australia, in fact my son wanted me to do this. On closer inspection after they had been washed a number of buttons are missing and one dress has a slight mark down one panel. The detail on them is amazing, if in excellent condition worn over a pair of leggings or jeans they would be so cool, alas I know in my heart that they are too fussy for my friend so I am going to take the ripper to them and use the fabric for all sorts of ideas, children aprons, lavender heats, little purses and as for the pockets they will just be cut off and stitched on to something else. Not bad for 35p each.
So yesterday I dared to show you a corner of my home, my very personal bedroom. Today I thought it only right to show you the other bedside table, yep more books. I was not kidding when I said there are piles of books all over the place, she says looking down at three separate piles of books by the computer. I am a BOOK person and feel great comfort being surrounding by books.
A little Archie love coming your way, he is feeling a little sad today, he has so enjoyed being outside and playing around the children and me. Today its raining, the paddling pool has been emptied and no one is in the garden and I have left him in his little (well large) house, with the memories of sunny days. He loves being around people. June, Oh how I love June, its a Birthday month, the best month for birthdays, yes its my birthday month, Champagne and strawberries all the way. We seem to have had a lots this last two weeks, birthdays that is! So whilst the pens and pencils are out on the play table I thought I would do a bit of art work myself and by artwork I mean child friendly stuff...


Alison said...

Yep that is definately like the other side of my bed as well...books galor:-)
Alison x

sarah said...

Well, Happy Birthday, June-girl! Just pretend our swap is a birthday gift and forget you sent something to me too. Actually, just pretend yours's is an early present for me, since my birthday is in July!

I hope you don't feel slighted when you open the package. I always worry that I didn't send enough.

capello said...

omg, that orange fabric? in the upper right hand corner? awesome.

Caroline said...

I just love that bag - very lucky lady whoever is getting that swap! It's just gorgeous!! Well done on your charity shop buys too - you do seem to do very well there don't you?
Love the piccie of Archie Bunny too - very cute!

Barbara said...

I like the bag.

Jane is finding it hard to blog while she is settling back into full time work and looking after her baby son. She has a high flying and demanding job and really wants to do part time. She has not given up.

Ragged Roses said...

Glad you're feeling a bit more on top of things! those charity shop finds are real treasures. Our books are piled on the floor either side of our bed, can never decide which one to read!
Kim x

Rebecca said...

Oh my it's ME! I'm the lucky receipient of the to die for bag. Thank you so much! I am just so thrilled that after I begged you to send me chocolates and you included this perfect bag. I'm so touched. I hope your package arrives soon, it will pale in comparision but it is chock full of great American magazines. :)