Thursday, 21 June 2007

The goodness just keeps on going...

Look what happens when you stalk your postman...He eventually brings you a parcel or in my case this week two. Earlier in the week I had the fabulous magazines and vintage bits from Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness, as in yesterdays post. I am still reading all those lovely magazines and have idea's popping out of my ears now.
Then came this parcel from my best blogging Buddie, Sarah at Small Fox. Now the fabric as I am sure you are aware is Heather Bailey, its not that easy to get in the UK, may be next year, we tend to get things a little later! So when I raved about her purchase of it she offered to do a swap for some Liberty fabric and a few other little treats. Have a good look at my goodies. My first Moo cards, having heard about these for months, but not actually seeing one up close I was very excited. The beautiful pin cushion with the lovely vintage button, Oh how I like buttons!!! The tea towel as if I would ever use something as lovely as this to wipe my dishes...Best of all for me is my little Owl, how I wanted one of these when I first saw her piece them together on her blog, must be over six months ago now and today I have my very own owl.
Can you believe it, if that was not enough look at the lovely stuffies she made for the boys. I was so tempted to keep them to myself. I gave them to the children after they had been to the dentist, they are thrilled with them, the older one thinks its great someone sent them from so far away. So meet Amy and Jammie! Jammie was especially well cuddled last night when my little one was poorly, he has had a bad cough now for over a week and last night he awoke crying with ear pains, real tears and only wanted to be on his Mommy cuddling his Jammie.
SO whilst I was sat upright for a good portion of the night I totally enjoyed reading the two Romantic Homes mag's Sarah had included in the package. I had wanted this issue with Alicia's house in it when it was on all the blogs. I did not think I would actually get a copy, so good things DO come to those that wait. Thank you Sarah, I trust you enjoyed your goodies and the knitted stuff fits!
Well its still madness here, but in a different way, I am trying to QUILT like a mad thing and despite the pressure I am having a good time. This week alone I have made nearly five blocks. Yer I know there are only four here, the other one is by my bedside.
Its my course on Saturday and I am running behind with all the other stuff taking up so much off my time this month, I got worked up about it and then took time out to say 'Hey, this is meant to be fun' So I have realise I am not at the stage I would like to be, a few ladies on the course have had sessions missed so I can not be the only one and if I have to play catch up then so be it. Funny how a little talking to ones self can help.

Also my mind is buzzing quilt wise. I have my partner in the Doll Swap (see button on blog) if you click on it it will bring up all the information. I am so lucky to be in this, I nearly missed out as it has gone mental!!! So many people wanting to do it. My partner is an excellent quilter so I will have to pull off a good one. I have so many cool ideas in my head. I need to put some down on paper so I can get cracking on it. SO this will be next weeks project...

As you know, you did know right? Its my Birthday next week, dare I tell you my age!!! I am at that age when I realise that most of my friends are a good five+ years younger than me, so I assure myself that means they all think I am younger than I am. In my head I really do feel 27. Someone once told me that you reach an age you are comfortable with yourself and your life and that feeling stays with no matter what age you actually are. I was too young to be wise enough to understand those words. Well let me tell you, I was 27 when I had that feeling I am over 10 years on from that and whilst the mirror says otherwise my mind sticks to being 27!!!


Caroline said...

27? I thought you were no more than 26 anyway!!! You can't be, coz if I'm supposed to be five years younger I don't want to be any more than that either .... (yeah sure!)
What a treasure trove you have recieved this week - lucky you - and I'm sure you are enjoying it all. The quilt blocks look great by the way - lovely colours!

sarah said...

I find it amusing that you picked the age of 27, as that it how old I am turning next month! I'm so glad you enjoyed all your goodies. After I received mine, I was a bit worried that I'd short changed you! I'm glad the boys like their bunnies too. And I'm glad the bunnies have such nice cars to drive around. Nicer than mine! And your quilt blocks look fabulous! I'm so glad you got into the swap. Check out my blog later for a recap of your gift to me and some drooling!

capello said...

look at that itty bitty owl! so cute! eeek! so tiny!

yeah, 27 is a good age. old enough to be finally comfortable with yourself but young enough to enjoy life at its fullest and not be bogged down.

Alison said...

Your quilt is coming along nicley. Look forward to seeing more. Like you I love Heather Bailey fabrics and have a small stash that I really must actually use one day.
I have been stuck at 30 for well over ten years now!!!
Alison x

Barbara said...

Very clever, that quilting is so pretty.

Mirre said...

The quilt looks beautiful!
And what a lovely package you got!