Thursday, 14 June 2007

Ninety Nine

Post 99 only one more to go till my give away, maybe no one will leave a comment and I can keep the vintage liberty print fabric for myself!!!! The rhythm is starting to be established and I am feeling more at peace with the world now. The going with flow has helped. I treated myself and my little one to a trip, our favourite day out. A local town filled with craft shops, charity shops, great places for snacks to keep us going and a lovely park to run around.
But do you now what...we ran out of time. We started with a visit to our favourite wool shop. Its just shows my wool addiction when the lovely lady in the shops shouts 'hello Suzie' and brings my little boy over a toy he left on our last visit, the kettle goes on and three hours later I walk out. It was a lovely time, its so good to catch up on her gossip and all that's new in the knitting world. My little guy had a great time, the shop was quite so he was free to play on the different levels of the shop plus the shop has some tonka toys so he was very happy, he even joined us for a drink, when he went to the private loo for a pee it was commented that he feels 'home from home' Need I say more about my wool addiction.
That said I only walked out with one ball of wool, Oh yes and two pattern books. Easy Knits for tiny tots and a Debbie Bliss book. There are a couple of patterns in the Kids book, I love the lion booties and this great skirt, but other than that there is nothing that really excites me enough to rush out and buy the wool for. Saying that some great basic patterns that you could embellish, there is a cute boy doll that I might have a go at as I know I have the required wool in my stash.
As for the Debbie Bliss one, WOW I think I love them all, these two especially. The raspberry one is in the silk yarn, which I adore but comes in at over £60.00. I just cannot afford that in one payment so I will drool over it for a while and finish my on going projects.
The cardigan from last weeks wip is now all knitted up and I am nearly finished sewing it together. Next week I need to spend all my free time on my patchwork as its nearly time to add the boarders on in class and I am not finished with the blocks yet! Panic setting in!

I was listening to a debate on pegs today, how the sale of them has gone mad this year. Proof that we are all trying to be as environmentally green as possible. One lady said that it has a Homespun feel to peg your washing out, you have your Cath Kidston peg bag, beautiful linen and a vintage retro feel to it all, chatting to your neighbour the rhythmic feel of hanging out your smalls (or in her case her 'larges' due to the amount of children she had) and ofcourse wearing your apron! It made me think of some of the lovely picture of washing lines on peoples blogs especially Simple Sparrow, go check her out and read her previous posts you'll soon see what I mean. So go green and enjoy pegging out your washing, don't forget your apron!!!

10 comments: said...

That has to be one of my most favourite sights..seeing a row of little vests and pants blowing in the breeze. 3 kids knock out an awful lot of vests and small things..and I just LOVE it! DH thinks I'm mad and friends tell of love affairs with their tumble dryers..but clean washing on the line..does it for me!

sarah said...

I'm glad you are finding your rhythm, however, don't bet on it that no one will comment! I bet people will be comming out of the woodwork!

I love that little girls skirt. So sweet!

Tracy said...

prepare yourself - you will be swamped with comments - one mention of Liberty and grown women swoon!
i am at the same point as you - so many things i would love to knit but yummy wool is so expensive.
all good things come to those that wait x
tracy x

Alison said...

I always put my washing on the line . I love the smell of everything after it has been blowing in the breeze.
Alison x

anne bebbington said...

there's something about the smell of washing fresh in off the line - you just can't reproduce that in a tumble dryer

Caroline said...

I always used to love seeing my baby's nappies flapping in the breeze - this babe is in disposables (due to the washables being in storage at the moment :( ) and I really miss the sight of tiny cottony bottoms on the line!
As for knitting - I'm sure you have tons of projects waiting to get done, so don't buy anymore wool yet - just think how good you'll feel when you get one of those long planned knits completed!!

Janie said...

Hi Suzie
I'm still here. Time doesn't seem to exist for me at the moment, which means no time for blogging either. I am trying to visit, but might not post for a while. I need to write something to explain my absense, which I hope won't be very long.
I'll be back again when I can.
Janie xo

julia said...

Glad you're feeling better and more yourself.

Isn't it funny the strange pleasure we get from putting washing on the line? I sometimes find myself sniffing underwear in the garden - hope the neighbours aren't watching - I hasten to add it is clean underwear!

Julia x

Lizzie said...

I wanted to come see who stopped by my blog and waved hello to me. :-)

I loved your posts- you express yourself very similar to the way I tell stories! And I have mild dyslexia, too.

GigerVamp said...

Were you listening to radio 2 by any chance? :)
I've always loved hanging my washing out, you just can't beat the smell of clean washing dried outside. I always take a big deep sniff when I'm bringing the washing in!