Sunday, 10 January 2010


Still housebound here, I actually managed to get the car out, only to drive up the road and nearly miss a car swerve into the side of me. So the car has remained a good walk away from the house (I live on a hill and there are no cars driving down my road). I managed a food shop, so the fridge is full and stocked up on cake making goodness and of course extra Hot Chocolate and marshmallows. Keeping me warm in my sewing is is my quilt work, nothing like managing a big quilt to keep the legs warm whilst in my sewing room, its so chilly that it shows your breath as 'dragons breath' as it escapes your warm body into the cold air. I am hunkering down in the kitchen most of the time. My kitchen is a haven of warmth and love, it really is the heart of this family home. Its big enough to hold a big old pine table with a miss match of chairs around it, I religiously change the oil cloth cover monthly, this makes me happy. It has a small sofa in the corner that the children cuddle up on with cushions and quilts to keep them toasty. The floor is big enough for a train track to be laid out on and of course the kitchens the place all the food is prepared...
So my pile of books (see last post) sit on my kitchen table, and slowly I am devouring each book. It would only be right that I sit down with a cup of something warming and some sweet treat to help me in my reading.
Over the last few days I have made various cakes and cookies from the Hummingbird bakery cook book has each one has turned out fabulous and scrumptious...
My favourite so far being the marshmallow cup cakes... delightful
So the view from my kitchen window is still rather white, its so cold here and many layers are needed to keep warm, last night while I sat by the fire, I pulled out from my wool stash the biggest chunkiest yarn I could find and started on a winter warmer jacket on HUGE needles.

I have a big treat next week, I am going on a crochet work shop, now I have been doing a little crochet myself, all self taught, but I fear what I call a treble stitch is not actually what it is, so I thought it would be an excellent way to meet up with some fellow yarn type people after days, no weeks, of not really seeing anyone, and an opportunity to learn a new skill, but the best bit is to spend the Christmas money that is burning a little hole in my pocket with the promise I made to the giver to only spend it on something for myself.

Right time for a cup of tea to warm my fingers up and put the oven on and pull out my knitting, Oh how I love lazy Sundays, by far the best day of the week.


French Knots said...

It's lovely to snuggle in at home and feel all cosy.
A crochet workshop sounds an excellent idea, I want to get to grips with it this year too.xx

Sal said...

Hi Suzie!

The book looks lovely! I have just done a load of baking...cheese scones,cakes..and a sitting down and chilling for the rest of the day!
Your kitchen sounds a lovely homely place to be!
I taught myself to crochet when I was in 6th form....that's years ago! Goodness knows if I do the stitches correctly but they always look ok....ish!!
Keep warm!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I came to your blog via Amanda Makes. I'm liking the quilt you're making and oh, those cupcakes look delicious. Yum.

Just Original said...

I think everyone on blogland has the same ideas! Sew, bake, eat and don't move from your home!

Love the idea of your kitchen!

Vanessa x

Tilly Rose said...

Hi Suzie!
I would love to hear how you get on with your crochet workshop as I am setting up something similar later in the year.
If you have time would you perhaps email me with the sort of things you do, if you have time, as I want to see if I'm on the right tracks!
I taught myself to crochet as a teenager so have been doing it for years now....and LOVE it!
I want to be able to pass on my skills to someone else in an informal way.
If you don't mind me asking would you let me know how much the workshop costs as again I don't want to overprice....
Good luck with it all
look forward to seeing your projects!
Karen x x x

The Garden Bell said...

Thank you for stopping by. I have no clue, but am interested in how you found my blog. I'm sure glad you did and hope you don't mind if I follow along on your journey in life.

Hope you can stop back by soon in my garden. Just got done working on the 90s post. Will be glad to get back to my yarn soon

Anna said...

Lazy Sundays really are the best! As long as you've got food and warmth, it sounds like your surroundings for being housebound are pretty cosy!

Who Lives in a house like this? said...

We have lots of snow here too, and now I have a 4 x 4 and am never snowed in anymore! I used to quite like the thought f being snowed in as long as there was food and logs for the fire! I noticed a while ago in your blogs you mentioning that you may have to leave your family home soon, reading your latest post regarding your kitchen table and mis-matched chairs, it really is the people and things in a house that make it a home, and you do come through the otherside and realise you have strengths you never knew you had! Wishing you good fortune in 2010 Xx

periwinkle said...

oooh, those cakes look yummy , good luck with your crochet workshop I'm sure it'll be great fun

ginny said...

hi suzie,
my sewing room is too cold to be in without gloves on too and i also have dragon's breath... i am in the house instead, though it is pretty cold in here too. making a large quilt does sound sensible in this weather ..
hope you enjoy your crochet workshop and a very happy 2010 to you.
ginny xx

katie said...

stay warm and happy - sewing and baking - sounds like heaven - what will we do when it thaws!!

julie said...

You're definitely in the right place with the weather the way it is - reading by the fire is perfect! Here it's a little warmer today and there's definite dripping sounds going on - hopefully we'll all see a thaw soon. Enjoy your crochet workshop - sounds like it will be fun.

Linda said...

I like being cosy indoors but do start to feel a little trapped after a while! Happy new year to you. x

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, if only I could reach into my screen and grab one of those yummy cupcakes -- they look divine. It sounds like you've had some wonderful days -- I'd love to be cooped up for a few weeks! Keep Warm!

Tracy said...

Very cosy post, Suze... and tasty--those cupcakes are GORGEOUS! Happy Days (((HUGS))