Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Blowing in the wind

We are just having great weather at the moment, its so warm, well HOT!!! But Oh Boy! do we have it windy, its a warm wind, it does not make you run for a blanket to snuggle up in, more turn your face to it and feel the warmth of the breeze pass over you. So its great weather for washing all that cotton that has been put aside for 'various' projects. So four wash loads later... The washing line was full of fabric, once one lot was dried the next lot went up, all waiting to be ironed that evening! Feeling in the mood for playing with fabric I thought I would work on some fabric I got at the patchwork shop last weekend. These are strips of Moda fabric, all pre cut, I had planned to make some summery bags with quilt strips running through, lots of birthdays in June and July so good for gifts, I threaded the machine and my fingers just worked away with out really thinking about the end result... SO I sat and sewed, sat and sewed...I had my ipod on and I was listening to cast-on. Now I have a theory about knitting and sewing, that it is not so much what you knit/sew, but what you knit/sew into it, your thoughts, the place you are in when you knit/sew it, the love for the person you are knitting/sewing for etc... I realised as I was happily sewing I had been thinking about my cousin, not of her passing, but the memories of our childhood, I remember staying over her house one night and she taught me to crochet ( I must have been about 10 years old, nearly thirty years ago now) OK so I did not get the hang of it , but I manage a chain. So suddenly to hear Brenda from Cast-on talk about memories in the things we make, well it sent a shiver down my spine.
So I guess I am making a quilt, I will name it after my cousin, its not going to be a big fancy thing to precious to use, in fact I want it to be a practical, loved quilt, a garden quilt, one for rolling around with the children on a hot summery day, for picnics in the park or sand filled buckets at the sea side. Yes a family quilt made with the memories of someone special.
So later I am looking forward to a trip to the fabric store to buy a good strong backing fabric, I think its going to need it!
Oh Hello Archie Bunny! He's also loving the sunny days too, lopping around the garden with the kids, nose pushing you for a cuddle if you sit still long enough, he's just the cutest, So forgive my indulgence in posting this unrelated picture.


capello said...

i love your quilt. it is beautiful, and a fine testament to your cousin.

sarah said...

I love LOVE the colors you picked for the quilt. They are so soft and gentle and wonderful, like I'm sure your cousin was. And I love Archie. Forever and ever!

Sarah and Jack said...

The quilty beginnings are gorgeous!

Jo said...

The colours in your quilt are lovely and it will be a special way to remember your cousin