Thursday, 3 May 2007

Retail therapy

Thanks you for your kind comments about the quilt, I am very pleased with the colour way, although this was effectively put together by Moda so I can not take all the credit here. I spent some time yesterday working on it, then had to rush out for the nursery run, leaving quilt-in- progress in a pile, came back and picked it up. STOP!!! Camera NOW...this picture really touched my heart, the sun streaming in through the window, our much loved wooden rocking horse bought for my children by a special friend and the wooden floor. Maybe its just me but it all looked so warm and welcoming! So off we (my smallest one and myself) went to the local fabric shop, we bought the padding and the backing fabric, I wanted something tough and plain, so it could be used a lot and not take away from the many colours on the front of the quilt. So it all went in the washing machine, just to make sure it would not run!!! Oh yes and must not forget 'Mumble' the penguin, he did not need a wash but my little one did not want to be left out of all this activity so he washed his 'Mumble'.
RETAIL THERAPY-Yep I shop when I am down. I can go weeks without buying 'stuff' then spend a lot very quickly. I guess I have reason this week, but I need to curb it as it will have an impact on next months budget, BIG TIME! Anyway that's the confession done with on to the goodies...Look what came in the post for me...
Love the pattern of this bag, I was recommended this company by a friend who assured me if you love Boden you will like this, so I bought one item, a dress, I am not a big dress fan (something to do with Breast feeding for three and half years!) So this was a treat.
Oh Boy! what a treat I am so loving this dress. The fit is great, I need to 'dart' it in under the arms a little, but it is so nice, an everyday dress but just my kind of thing. As for the rest of the catalogue... Some nice skirts that I would happily wear, but a little bit to, well, it is trying very hard to be its own style and its not quite mine. Saying that I think I will wait until the budget is OK and buy the dress in a different colour. I do this if I like something and it fits well, I buy it in a few colours (especially around sale time)
These arrived last week, I have been wearing them all week, they are the most comfortable things. I saw them at the Harrogate stitch show and thought they looked really funky, alas I did not buy them. As we are quite 'surfy' in the summer always down the beach with the Boards (not that any of us can surf but we can dream...) we saw a lot of people in them, again I never thought to get any. Mostly because they do look funny, they make your feet look HUGE...Mickey Mouse feet. I look down at them and see big round blobs of colour. That said I want another pair they are SOOOOOOO comfortable. Do you think I like green? I L.O.V.E. green!

On a much more serious note, it is my cousins funeral tomorrow so it will be no surprise I will not be wittering on to you tomorrow. It will be a sad day, I still can not believe that we have lost her. As a Mom my heart goes out to her Mom who had to watch her daughter suffer so and eventually watch her slip away. It seems so wrong, no mother should have to watch their children pass away. So sad also for her sister and ofcourse her Husband, I can not imagine the pain any of them are feeling now, may peace be in their hearts.


sarah said...

That dress is FABULOUS! Where did you get it? I didn't see a link. And how cute that your littlest one washed his Mumble! I'm sending you strength for tomorrow!

capello said...

aren't crocs the best? they are very good for my flat feet, and i'm quite convinced it's time for a new pair as well.

Marisa said...

What a pretty dress. It looks retro thirties. Will keep your cousin in my thoughts. Wishes for peace to you and your family.

julia said...

Hoping it all went well, my thoughts are with you.
LOVE the dress! I've been blighted with the most gorgeous varicose veins thanks to crossing my legs too much and my two beautiful offspring, so I can't wear anything higher than calf length unless I want to frighten small children. BUT, I am tempted!

Just like you I don't spend for a while, then I go totally mad and splurge out and pay for it for the next couple of months.