Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Shopping and me!!!

Before children shopping was my main sport, on a Saturday I would get up late have a long bath, dress up and hit the town, spend all afternoon shopping for an outfit for that evening, maybe a bit of make up to cheer myself up a little more. A coffee stop was a must, or when I lived in Scotland, the wine bar trend had just started out and I would pop in for a glass and a bowl of nibbles to keep me going. Book shops also got a pounding, at least an hour of just mulling over the shelves of books, Oh heaven! Since children I am a completely different person. I still like nice stuff, but do not have the time to go shopping. I am a country girl now, through and through, so I am not keen to go into the city. MAIL ORDER....the joys. Now I am a Boden girl. I love their clothes, I like their quirkiness and sense of fun. Occasionally, especially in the summer when I am away in the camper van, I do a little shopping in Fat Face. But today I am thinking Plumo The reason for this is my Summer catalogue arrived this morning and I sat with my cup of Lady Grey and mentally spent a fortune. It's more of an 'I wish' shop as its quite expensive, but its an all round catalogue and its full of great idea's This morning I saw this tea set and just secretly wished that someone would buy it for me, in reality I could think of other things I would really like, but in a dreamy sort of way I longed... So today I took my children on a train trip to a nearby town, a particular trendy one with great charity shops. I stumbled upon this tea set (Only £2.) Now how similar are they, and the best bit is it has a cake plate!!! I also wanted this glass range, with a bit of thought I realised I already had some great pieces. The two glass bottles are baby bottles, over forty years old, I am not a fan of bottle feeding but these are special, the butterfly perfume bottle was a charity shop find and came in at £3.00. So I do not need to buy these either.
For the inspiration side of things I loved this cushion, I remember seeing Simple Sparrow
making a batch like these but instead of applique she had embroidered caravans, they are cool, go check them out, they are from about a month ago if I recall correctly.
Now maybe with all the pennies I saved on the tea set and glass work I could stretch to this beautiful sweater...yer in my dreams!!! ( My oldest child thinks the model looks scary, so I thought I should just confirm that this is a model and not Suzie Sews)! Edited to add...bought this sweater in the winter sale for half the price!!!
BUT, I am thinking about this top, its so lovely and I am going to a garden party later this month and if the weather holds off this would look great with a rather slimming pair of trousers I own, which I imagine came from Boden!!!

Project update...Baby knit finished, so cute, I will have to wait to show you the picture as it will spoil the surprise. On to knitting some groovy mitts bought some Lush wool for them today. All quite on the sewing front since the applique Tee's.


sarah said...

I love that top! I bet you will be GORGEOUS in it! And I bet you could knit that sweater. You're a wizard with those needles! A wizard, I tell you!

Also, did you get a chance to look over the email I sent about our swap? What are your boys favorite colors? Also, did you have a color you would particularly like to see paired with the pink chenille?

So excited!

Gina said...

Wow I love every single one of those photos. You have great taste!

Amy said...

Just found your blog, wanted to say "hello"! I love the pillow (cushion). I have been making some for my daughter now I must make another one :D