Thursday, 12 April 2007

I am a WINNER!!!

Hello, look what came in the post for me, talk about cute... This is a prize from Haphazard happenstances I left a message on her blog, I was lucky enough to be put into a draw and I won. Yippee. She actually designs them, they are so cool, the possibilities here are endless. Let me assure you that they are VERY professional. Archie the rabbit might have seemed a bit of an odd request for a photo, but, as he is one of the family and it was Easter orientated I thought he was a good choice. Go check out her blogs, she does have a few laugh out load posts and some very thoughtful ones too. I like to leave a comment when I read a blog and enjoyed it, I always feel a little, well, rude, as if I am reading a personal diary without permission, so I like to leave a little word or two:-)

Its been a blissful day today, I have remained in my PJs all day, its been a garden day and the children and I have just lazed around in the warmth of the sun. I have knitted at every free moment. I am doing a swap with my blog mate Small fox this is my first swap in blog land and I am very excited but also nervous as I am actually knitting something for her, its her choice but my design, oh I hope its OK. You know you have a few blogs you read everyday, well her blog is one of mine, and I am so pleased to say she has supported me almost from when I started, so who better for my first swap.
Now I have been tagged by From Under the Maple I have every intention to write my list of 'Mom things', but after a takeaway and a couple of cool drinks (hiccup) I think I should leave it for tonight.
Hoping for another sunny day tomorrow, its a 'Moms that Lunch' tomorrow and it will be so nice to eat outside whilst the children run around.

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sarah said...

I so totally love that picture of Archie. It was my Easter desktop background on my PC. He's just the cutest rabbit in the whole world.

I'm so glad that today was such a great one for you!