Monday, 9 April 2007

Happy Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I have been off line due to a huge computer problem, after four days it was eventually sorted out. After almost nine hours of being worked on it got fixed. Anyway on to the good stuff, this is a corner of my home, my bedroom at about 12.15am Easter morning. I had just finished doing the preparation for the children's Easter Hunt and wrapped the gifts up and it hit me that I could now EAT CHOCOLATE!!! SO that's just what I did whilst reading through a little gift to myself. Yummmmy. By the way this little sewing book and kit is really sweet, I thought it might be a bit too childlike, but it has some good tips and great transfers and despite the plastic hoop, its a fab little gift, and under a tenner! I like the way the book is written, its very friendly and jolly. Just before the chocolate outbreak, hey come on I did just about manage to go the full 40 days and 40 nights and as a chocoholic that's going some, which is the whole point of the exercise! I was keeping my hands busy and spending some loving time with my sewing machine, I made two Tee's for my kids. Little chicks, you might remember some time ago I got the fabric and mentioned I had an idea of what to do with it, well that's the idea now complete, it looks great, one is much better than the other, my work really suffers when I am tired. When I bought the fabric it said it was Anna Maria Horner fabric, which I was very excited about as you struggle to get it here in the UK, I have checked out her web site and not found this design but hey its really cute and I love the fried eggs, but I especially love the colourful hens and chickens fabric, which is used at the back of the Tee's and I still have half of the fat quarter left.
The weather was so stunning all over Easter, we really made the most of being outside, as you can see the garden is starting to lose its drabness and is coming into colour beautifully. The grass needs lots of attention, not helped by a rather busy day when a couple of friends came over for the day, with nine children between us, it was a hectic play day. Boy did the kids have fun.

So my children loved their Tee's and wore them all day, I have some great photos of them hand in hand doing the Easter Egg hunt, holding their cute baskets and helping each other out, this idyllic image soon changed once they were sugared up!!!
I leave you with a picture that just about sums up this Easter for me. My own Easter bunny (Archie) beautiful Cath Kidston fabrics, my favourite blue gingham and my knitting! A corner of contentment.
Its Easter Monday today and after all the good weather we are now getting none stop rain, grey skies and rather miserable. We started the day off with pancakes (well it seemed like a good idea as that's how we started Lent) fun was had tossing the pancakes, lots of chocolate spread and banana's. The children have now gone out for 'pictures and pizza' so I am catching up with a bit of housework and if I have some time (after blogging) I might get some projects worked on, nearly finished the baby knit, on to sewing it up. I need to get up to date with my knitting as I am venturing into my first blog swap and I am doing a knitted project...worried it might not be good enough. I shall tell you more later in the week. It should be good fun and I am keen to get going with it.


Sarah and Jack said...

The tees turned out great, and that bunny, he is so cute!

capello said...

cute tees! and no chocolate for forty days? wow. i don't know how you managed that one.

Rebecca said...

How cute is Archie! I love his floppy ears and he looks so soft. Your tees came out wonderfully, too!

Natasha said...

I have her stitch it kit too- i really love how fun her transfers are. The tee's are very cute also, and wow to you for no chocolate!! Amazing.

Caroline said...

I love the t-shirts, and am very impressed at you doing a blog swap on the knitting - look foward to seeing what you produce there! Glad to hear that you had a good time over Easter - some good weather makes all the difference doesn't it?

Jo said...

It's great to be able to get out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and the new life bursting out of the soil.
How cute is that bunny!?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog again. Your comments about my photos is so sweet. My camera isn't a great one, just one of the point and shoot fuji digitals. Nothing special.

I now have your blog bookmarked!
Love all your sewing! Wish I could do that.
Cute bunny!

Janie said...

Glad you had a good Easter, though sorry to hear about your computer problems.

By the way.....hope you don't mind....I have just tagged you over at my blog....about Real Mom's.
Take a look and have a go.