Friday, 13 April 2007


Well I guess someone is reading my blog as I have been tagged. Its quite a hard one, Thirteen things about being a Mom, and not really thinking about it just typing down what comes into your head. I wanted to cheat and think about some clever answers, but no I was a good girl and actually waited until I was sat at my computer and just typed the stuff that popped into my head, which will explain the answers! Only thirteen...I could go on for twice that. (I added in my pictures after I had written the answers, they popped up before the reply so the answers are at the end not the beginning,whoops)!

Talking of being a good girl, I thought I would share with you this idea my oldest child came up with. Its his good/bad chart. Now I would like to state that I do not like the words 'Bad Boy/Girl' as this was his choice of words I did not want to stomp on his creativity so I chose to ignore this. So that was his drawing, which was used for a few days, then we between us thought we could make one in fabric...Yippee! So off to my sewing room and we picked out the fabrics...
Stitched it all up, the grey cloud is actually a pair of school trousers...whoops that was a bit naughty of me!
Because I was so pleased with it, I thought I should go the whole hog, whilst he slept that evening, I sat and quilted the backing and bound it using Heather Bailey's works.
The red bits are the labels with their names on which hook on to the right bit. I am pleased to say that they have been on the VERY GOOD for quite a while now, they get very upset when I say am am going to move them and then really try hard to be good, Bless them. So it was a great Mommy and child make and I for one think its BRILL, although not as good as the original idea and drawing, that's priceless...

I have been tagged by Under The Maple Tree...thirteen things about being a MOM, and not to think to hard about it just type what comes to mind...

1)It changes your life beyond all your imagination

2)Its is THE most amazing experience

3)Its the hardest but most rewarding work I have ever done

4)You are always wanting more sleep

5)You never wake up when YOU want to anymore

6) The miracle of life is beyond words

7)Its a laugh, never have I had such fun with two individuals who could not talk for over two years!

8)We gets the paints out almost daily

9)I, little me, actually made these little people (with some help, but that goes without saying)!

10) They love me so much, sometimes I can just see it in their eyes and it makes my heart melt with total devotion to them, yer there are a lot of tears.

11)They do not care what the hell I look like, bad hair day, do I look fat in this, etc...means nothing to them they just do not care, its total acceptance.

12)I love them with an emotion I had no idea I possessed, from being told it was unlikely I would have children to looking at my babes growing up day by day...well once again its beyond words.

13)They are my flesh and blood, sounds an odd one, but, I am adopted, it leaves you with feelings of rejection and not knowing where you came from, what colour your Moms hair is a bit strange. I was adopted into a good family have been loved and cared for. Its nothing to do with all the obvious things its just an amazing and unbelievable experience to have my own children, its a gift, a miracle and the best thing I have ever done in life and changed me into a much better person and a slightly larger one too!

OK now I have to tag three others, Oh about French Knots, Tree Fall Designs and Ric Rac and Ribbons. No offence will be taken if you chose not to do this. I have to admit though that I always enjoy reading all the different responses from these kind of Round Robbins!

Hoping the good weather holds out for the weekend, we are off for our first Beach trip in the camper van tomorrow. Have a good weekend.


capello said...

i never knew i'd chronic someone's pee and poop before having kids.

yeah, it totally changes you.

sarah said...

I love the chart he came up with! What a good motivational tool! And I super love that the very good sun has glasses, because everyone knows that kids with glasses are never bad! :D

autum said...

Such a sweet post! It really brought a smile to my face reading and remembering those times. My children are 19 and 17 so my list of 13 would be much different.

The chart is wonderful!!

Cherry Menlove said...

This post and all you say in it has made me want to have a baby NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"LBH, where are ya!!???"

Cherry xx

Janie said...

Thanks for joining in.
I think the chart is great. I'll be needing something similar for my little boy before I know it...though probably on card with stick on stars etc...nothing as beautiful as you have made.