Thursday, 19 April 2007

Baby love

Well I can now share with you the finished baby knit, you saw the pattern a couple of weeks ago, well now its finished and in the hands of Mommy and new born. I did not want to spoil it for her by showing you the pictures before being sent out. Its a beautiful wool to knit with, BUT be warned it needs to be hand washed, very unpractical for a new born. DO NOT be alarmed by this baby, it is in fact a doll, I bought it for my oldest child when I was expecting my second babe, how that doll was loved, it was bathed and feed and clothed just as my new born child was. It is now no longer needed but due to the emotional attachment to it I am unable to part with it. The dolls quilt is made by me too, the fabric is so lovely (Ebay purchase) and the edging came from an old pillow case, Gingham again, I can not get enough of this stuff!
On to the little baby booties, so cute and a lovely little knit, I worked on these in the garden at Easter whilst the children enjoyed playing. A most silly article of clothing, they will not stay on a baby's feet and they do not need them, BUT how cute are they!!! I wrapped them in a pretty box as they looked sweet enough to be an accessory for the nursery.
I would have loved to have knitted it in pink, as they did not know if baby was going to a boy or a girl I went with white. Oh the excuse to knit in PINK!!! Baby knits are just the best thing, big enough to feel like you are doing a project but small enough to reap the rewards of your work without the HOURS of knitting. I got a lovely email off the Mommy, she said her baby had just uncurled, OH this brought back so many memories, for a couple of weeks baby remains in that sort of fetus position, the hands and feet all curled in, it is so sweet and just makes me want to hold my little ones at that stage again when they fit perfectly to your body, adorable.
Enough baby talk its making me all maternal. I want to thank you for your support over the road rage incident, it was so scary, I need to point out that my car did not get actually get damaged, which is a blessing. I was very scared and have driven around since with my windows on lock, the kids are not happy about this in this heat and the doors locked. When I did the school run this morning I actually drove home a different way and pretended to myself I had to go to the shop...No it did not help because I knew in my heart I was just a bit too scared to go back to the place it had happened.
Yesterday was the awards day, it was held in a 'Lords Manor' it was very swish. I had the children with me, sadly due to a bit of singing from my youngest my Mom suggested I take the children out, so I missed the ceremony. This said, I had the grounds all to myself and I took lots of pictures of the children having a great time playing Knights in Castles, Pirates by the lake and even putting on a show for me with lots of singing and dancing. The last two pictures are a glimpse of the size of the place, the grounds themselves are actually MILES in size, huge. The place has lots of links to Royalty, but the simple joy to me was just watching the children play. Afternoon tea was served in true English tradition with little sandwiches, lots of cream cakes on cake stands and scones, well it would not be Afternoon Tea without the scones. I did have a little wobbly moment when my youngest was waving the best china around...

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lazylol said...

Oh no - don't part with it. It is a lovely thing to have!