Tuesday, 17 April 2007

BAD DAY...think nice thoughts!!!

Bad Day...That's an understatement today. I am typing this with a little bit of difficulty as I have four big scratches down my right forearm, for some reason my bunny had an emergency getaway out of a cuddle, hes a big feller, which means big scratches. Its hurts, but I am being brave, assuring myself that it looks worse than it is. The real reason for the bad day and I am not ready yet to go into detail, I was the victim of Road Rage today. I was so scared, just outside a local school, which is a nightmare for cars in the morning. This person took it up on themselves to pretend to bump into me, then u'turned and chased me, pulled up so I could not get away and after shouting a load of swear words at me, he marched across to my car (he was still parked in the middle of the road) and demanded I got out...yer right!!! Actually I was so scared I could not have moved even if I wanted to. Eventually he gave up and left hitting the car then pulling away. I have never met this person, we were both in the same situation on a busy road and it just shocks me that someone can behave like this to another human being. So I am trying to think nice thoughts...which leads me on to our first outing to the beach after the winter. It was a big drive, we went over to Wales, on the way we took a break for a picnic at a fabric and wool barn, sadly they have changed it all around since our last visit and I only bought a small selection of crochet wool, but how pretty does that look? Lottie my rabbit from Little Cotton Rabbits is keeping a close watch on it.
We arrived after five hours of travelling to the most wonderful spot, we parked the camper van up and sat and drank in the view of the beach and the lush green hills. Eventually the boys demands for the beach meant we drove to the sea. They were all ready in their evening clothes ready for a meal out as a treat. Alas these clothes got wet through as two happy giggling bundles ran in and out of the sea and eventually daring the other to sit down...which they both did.

My second picture is a bit of a play on 'Corner of my home' more 'corner of my camper' Both children were so tired out by the fun they had, Mommy managed to get some quite time, a little knitting, a glance through the Country Living magazine and I even watched a movie...now that's camping!
Behind the sofa this little body was all snuggled up in his little nest, I bet he was dreaming about the Beach!
The next day was equally filled with beach fun, including making the very necessary sand boat, which gets built at all most every visit to the beach.
With all this playing I managed to knit the back of a Tank top for my oldest child, OK I had planed it for my youngest but I took the wrong size needles with me, tension was so out it must be twice the size it should be, perfect for the other child, who is very happy about this error.


Sarah and Jack said...

I hope you phoned the police about the road rage incident. They will arrest those morons. (I only wish I didn't know that from firsthand experience!)

And ow on the bunny scratches, those really hurt.

Jo said...

Sounds like a right swine who shouldn't be behind the wheel.

The camping trip sounds lovely, I'd love a camper van or one of those swish American 50's silver caravans, I think the appeal is it's a bit like the den's you used to make as a child but even better as you can take it to lovely places. Focus on that instead of the bunny scrathes and road rage git.

beki said...

What a lunatic! I'm so glad to hear that you're safe. I would have been terrified!

Your trip to the beach sounds like fun :-)

sarah said...

You tell Archie that if he doesn't behave I'm going to mail a big fat cat across the "pond" to come and chase after him. Archie should be scratching morons who yell at his lovely mama in traffic, not his lovely mama!

At least you had a fun time at the beach and a nice basket of yarn to take your mind off of it all!

Caroline said...

What a nightmare you poor thing - hope you are OK about it now - I really feel for you- you must have been really brave. Sounds like you had a great weekend in Wales though, but I had to laugh at the tank top (not at it, more the story of the wrong needles,tension etc!)

Janie said...

I hope you contacted the police too, were you able to see the number plate? I experienced an incident last year, but thankfully C was in the car. I don't know how I would have coped alone with the baby in the car.
I just don't understand these people. Anyway big hugs from me.

PS I'm glad I clipped my bunny's claws yesterday...I had bunny scratches....thankfully Budkers is more fluff than anything.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm so sorry. That can be so so terrifying. It's OK to feel bad. You'll relax soon. Wine always helps. :)
It must have been in the air. I had a taxi road rage on me this morning, but not to the extend like yours.
Relax and try to regroup.