Friday, 20 April 2007

Corner of my home (Reality shot)

The witterings of a busy MOM...
A lot of playing got done yesterday, the weather was good enough in the early part of the afternoon to play out but once we had picked up my older child from school it had just got to cold to play out. So they piled in the house. With all this playing Mom did not get much chance to get any making or housework done. I just about managed to make the dinner. I had to rush out early evening to get the flowers as its my turn to do the church flowers again. After the children finally went to sleep I came down to be greeted by this! This is only one room, trains in the living room and rockets and space ships in the play room. SO its not a surprise I did not get to sit down till 10.oopm, too tired to even pick up my knitting whilst chilling out to Desperate Housewife's!

I am not feeling great today and its always the way when you have a lot on...I mentioned Church flowers, I have two Tee's to applique for birthday gifts, I have a commission to make (Yippee), its story time at the library and my older child need to be taken to his Drama class...Busy Busy Busy, its the same over the weekend too, not one but two fund raising events, a forty-ith Birthday dinner, children's party and I really hope to get some housework done so I can find some 'making' time for next week...DO you get times like this when you just can't see the wood for the tree's?

Have a good weekend and I hope you get more crafting done than I am at the moment..its starting to get me DOWN!

PS I drove the route of the Road Rage incident today, yep I made myself, my heart was in my mouth and I found myself getting emotional, BUT at least I did it.


Caroline said...

oh I do love it when you witter! Good to see you have normal days too like everyone else - not just a crafting queen!!!
I'm sure you'll get back on track soon but remember to enjoy the other stuff too!

julie said...

Good for you driving that route today - sounds like a horrific experience - would have seriously shaken me up too, I don't know how a person could do that! Hope you manage to get some crafting time soon, sounds like it's been all go and with no change on the horizon! Have a great, if busy weekend xxx

Janie said...

Good to hear you're starting to put the incident behind you...after mine I was conviced the guy would come round to the house....and do something?! We had to put in an insurance our car was damaged.

I like your reality shots....they make me feel much better as a Mum. And I'm sure it won't be long before I have a train set snaking itself round my house.

sarah said...

I'm really proud of you. I can only imagine how difficult that must of been for you.

Maybe you should blow up a picture of Archie's scary claws to take with you in the car. Then you can brandish it at any would be attackers. I'd think twice, I know that!

Good luck with your busy weekend! Don't forget to breathe.