Friday, 2 March 2007

Roses and Moos

Well its a flowery sort of day today. I am a bit of a flower child, most of my clothes have flowers on or at least bright colours and I like to have a bunch of flowers in the house. But today's vase was a special treat. We have a guest for the weekend, an old friend from Oxford (UK). So in honour of his visit I bought an extra special bunch of roses for the kitchen table. I also have a HUGE bucket full of flowers by the back door awaiting to go in the car. Its my turn to do flowers in our Church, so I have gone for the same colouring, lots of yellow, orange, white and a touch of red. Spring is so on the mind, especially as I have some super smiley sunflowers to go in it. OK, a visitor for the weekend...HELP, I need to go and tidy up, all that fluff (see previous post) is taking over, I have a heap of cleaning to do so I shall go and get busy, I am looking forward to next week as it is not such a busy one and hopefully I can return to my knitting and other craft related goodness.
I leave you with today's MOO! This is actually my latest addition to my collection. I spotted it whilst out thrifting, its BLUE COW! Unless you watch the kids telly this will mean nothing, take it from me its a cute story character about a cow that does things that, well, cows just can not do...Have a VERY good weekend everyone.
P.S. Weird dream last night I dreamt I gave birth to my third babe, it was the easiest birth known to man-well woman actually, I think I am hearing my body clock ticking VERY loudly at the moment.


Caroline said...

Really don't understand the first comment at all! Love your site, and am looking foward to seeing the results of your crafting next week. Have a great weekend with your friend - who knows - maybe he'll come bearing more flowers!!

sarah said...

The first comment is spam. You should totally delete it if you can. I hope you have a good weekend with your guest. My body clock is ticking on overtime too. Its rather annoying, as I know we aren't stable enough right now, but I ache for a child.

Jo said...

Blue cow, blue blue cow... you need to imagine the music! You can never have too many children - I mean flowers! yes mine is going tick tock too

Janie said...

Great plate, and I'll have to look out for blue cow...I'm still getting to grips with kids TV. Thomas and friends, Bob the builder and Fifi are about my limit at the moment. Thankfully Oliver isn't into Teletubbies yet. He likes Countdown and fault I think! Oops!
Have a wonderful weekend.