Thursday, 1 March 2007

March Moo Month

March Moo Month? OK March is a special month for me, my babes are both March born, its the start of spring, Lighter evenings and you start to feel a bit of warmth from the sun-when it shines! So its a special. To celebrate this I am going to post a Moo a day. Moo being my little child's name for cow. I have a soft spot for Moo's, always have had and I have passed it down to my kids. So after the Chinese New Year 'The year of...'I thought I would make March The Month of the Cow (or Moo). So you are going to be treated (or subjected to depending on your opinion) to a picture a post of my Moo collection. Yep you are right, you might have had an idea but you can now confirm I am slightly potty!

1 comment:

Caroline said...

is that only slightly potty???
look foward to seeing all the moos that you own !