Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Birthday Party fun!!!

Phew, that was one exhausting day. But man did we have happy kids. So it was my littlest ones birthday, just a few friends so he could experience the party feeling. I like a theme for a party as I have mentioned before and as its the month of Moo I took that idea one step further and had a Super Hero party which turned into a Super Moo party, go with me on this one! So I got busy with the cake at 11.30pm the night before, the plan was the Super Moo in a field but right at the start my garlic press (which is what makes the grass) broke, at that time of night I had no way of getting another one, so my plan changed some what to a more pretty cake, still it turned out OK, not what I had in mind but it was greeted at breakfast with squeals of glee so I must have done something right.
The 'PARTY FOOD' was laid out, sugar rush had nothing on us! We did have sandwiches etc, they just had not been made yet!
The Super Hero was already for his BIG moment, He looked adorable, I just love the one shoe on and one off look! How cute are those pants?
The goodie bags all complete, goodies inside (four cookie cutters, a recipe card, wooden spoon for mixing and a few other goodies) So we where ready to go...the house was trashed, a whirl wind of children running from room to room, Mums sitting around enjoying a few moments of free time and a cup of tea. The children lurched into the 'Party Food' everyone sang Happy Birthday, then some organised activities. Being crafty I could not miss the opportunity to get the kids involved. I had bought a load of cheap T'Shirts and with some fabric pens they all sat on the floor and designed their own Tee's. Man some of the idea's these kids have are great. Then it was Musical Bumps and pass the parcel. We had a special friend missing and her little girl, so if your reading this...we missed you. Plus the food I had made for the Mums was hardly touched, I am used to my mate just getting stuck in, I struggle a bit with politeness, I am used to people making themselves at home and if they want a cuppa to help themselves. Not that I am not happy to do it, in fact I always have this urge to feed my visitors...(Mmmm just read over this and a thought came to me about it, all my visitors are slim so maybe its nothing to do with politeness and more to do with how much I eat...this made me giggle!!!)

Anyway the party was great fun and the kids all went home happy, I then went to another friends house for dinner with my boys and the party boy just slept curled up on the sofa in his little suit, so cute.


Caroline said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Did you have a big G&T at the end of the day - I think you deserved it! Party bags look fantastic - so much nicer than anything you can buy.

beki said...

Wow, you really outdid yourself! The party sounds like loads of fun :)

sarah said...

Looks like you had quite the time! I love your youngest's outfit -- he looks so proud of it!

Natasha said...

Oh what a great bash you threw!! Happy belated birthday to the cutest superhero ever!!