Friday, 23 February 2007

A seed was sewn...

This post is split in two parts. Part ONE: emotional wittering Part TWO: Lovely photos of WIP.
Its up to you which one, or if you dare both, take time over. The choice is yours as I know time is precious...

Oh Gosh! What a week its been filled with lots of company and been quite busy. Hard to believe that this time last week I was walking in the country, taking a dip in the pool and watching my happy children play, Oh my I was just so chilled. I came home and hit the post holiday blues, the minute we arrived home as soon as the car was unpacked we went out again and so it continued through the week. The big treat was spending time with my friend and her kids, the kids especially enjoyed it. You know that real great friendship when you don't care what you or your house looks like and you can totally be yourself with someone...even if they do think your a little mad! Well I went from that kind of company to competitive Mum syndrome and working Mums who make no bones about the fact that they think I am a little 'simple' because I choose to stay at home with my kids. The politics of groups are just so fascinating.
At one stage in my life I used to feel I had to be a part of it and now I just sit back and watch it all go on. I would like to say it does not bother me but I guess it does depending on if I am feeling a bit vulnerable or not. Through various groups, school etc... I know quite a lot of people all with very different backgrounds. I feel lucky to have them in my life. Variety is the spice of life. That said I am at my happiest when I am in the company of one close friend that I can totally chill with. I have been like that all my life, always surrounded by lots of people and without that one close friend I feel very lonely.
My oldest child is just the same and sometimes it just breaks my heart. At the moment he is going through a 'three is a crowd' thing. Its knocking his confidence as he is to young to understand the dynamics of this kind of situation.
So with all this playground politics (both for the children and the Mums), and having to say goodbye to my friend again, I retreat into my world of my hobbies. The Restaurant Thursday continued through all of yesterday. My child wanted a sign to show the restaurant was open so we drew some pictures and played about with felt (such a good medium to use with children, also cheap) and as you can see by the photos the sign came together. We are all really pleased with this. The next sage is to back and bind it.
Also the jacket got a bit of a makeover and was worn on the school run this morning, I love these buttons, mind you they cost more than the jacket, they are from Rowan. The poncho did not shrink to well and is going for another spin in the machine today with something heavy to see if it can help it along.

Oh my made it to the end, I think this post proves that we all craft for a reason, to leave a bit of history behind, to take our mind of sadness, to retreat into when it all goes a bit mad or simply to fill a need in us that we can not explain but boy, it makes us HAPPY!


sarah said...

I hate when mother's are like that. You'd think that out of anyone, other mother's would know what its like to be a mother and not be mean to other mothers. If you weren't the sweet, lovely woman that you are, I'm sure you would have let them have it.

I'm not sweet and wonderful. I want to let them have it. BRATS!

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Suzie. It had me visiting yours for the first time.

You will never regret being a stay at home Mum. (Not to belittle Mum's that go to work in any way). I stayed at home with my children, beginning in 1968 and although it takes so much longer to get your home together and "holidays" may be non-existent, it is so nice to have the freedom to take each day as it comes.

Will be watching your blog to see how you get on from day to day.

julie said...

I know what you mean about enjoying having a friend you can just be yourself with, warts and all - it's so nice when you don't have to worry about the pile of ironing in the corner and the breakfast dishes in the sink. The divide that happens between 'professional' working mums and us stay-at-home mums is most peculiar and rather sad. Maybe it comes down to guilt and a little envy - if you decide to return to work I guess you need to justify the decision in your own mind. In my mind I never felt right about going back to work and delgating the most important task of my life to someone else. Raising your own kids is the most worthy job in the world and anyone who actively chooses *(as opposed to having no other option) work above this has somehow missed the point! On a less political note - I love your sign for the tree cafe - restaurant thursday is such a great idea!

Caroline said...

Just think about the value of that friend who loves you as you are, and stuff the others!! Bet their kids aren't as great as yours anyway, and that they secretly envy you your time at home, but would never have the guts to admit it!!
Happy crafting, and mothering!

Suzie Sews said...

Thanks for all your support on this, you guys are great
Suzie Sews