Wednesday, 21 February 2007

corners of my home

OK, so it is not quite my home, but I think its a nice home, with a little bit of decorating, paint, wall paper, you know put my stamp on it... I have always loved dolls houses and my Dad made me a beautiful one for me to play with (he also made me a copy of our home when I was a child, it even included the same family car) I wanted to fill it with vintage styled furniture. Instead he went on to make me lots of cute little bits of furniture. We moved house and it was really just to big to leave out as a folly so it was packed away. So this Christmas my youngest was treated to this beauty. He filled it with all the furniture my dad had made for my house (sadly still packed away) and it sits on my library draws in the living room. These draws are my favourite piece of furniture.
As you know I have been away and on my return I always go and look at my photo wall and was surprised to find that along with my photo's this little house really warmed my heart and gave me that 'I am pleased to be home' feeling.
As for a real picture of my home and keeping it in the family. This hangs by the front door, sadly I did not make it. My Mother in Law stitched it and I remember it hanging in her house, I just loved the fruit, the colours are so gentle. Sadly with her passing it was one of the lovely handmade things we inherited.
I do not have a very close family and it always amazes me how sentimental I am about these things, but, to have such works of art hand crafted with love by someone who is no longer with us, well I think its one of the reasons we make things!


Jo said...

I agree, I treasure some of the handmade things I have that my Mum made and a table cloth and Christening Gown that my Great Grandmother made about 100 yeard ago

sarah said...

I love doll houses! I can't believe you dad made all that! So wonderful!