Tuesday, 20 February 2007

In good company

Why the header 'In good company' ? One of the reasons for starting my blog was my knitting friend was moving away, now she is not just a knitting partner but her kids also are my kids friends and we have gone through some of the baby years together and it is this women that taught me to knit. Many have said they would but she actually did it!!! Yes it's her fault;-)
So with her going I had no one to share my show and tell with and the blog was something I had been thinking about doing for a long time so I thought I would start up 'Suzie Sews' in her absence. Anyway my friend and her great kids are up for a visit. This is why I am writing this post in the evening and not the day time!
So last night I was not feeling so good so I did not get a lot done, I managed to cut out the trousers for my little man, and start the applique on his Tshirt to match them. It all needs to be sewn up... After a long evening of not feeling great I eventually went to bed and once curled up I started to feel a little better so not one to miss an opportunity, I picked up my pins and got some knitting done. That's the back done and I have done a few rows of the front... Now as you know I love my flower corsages and felting the sweaters form thrift shopping buys. Both my friend and her little girl have been given different corsages. Of course it never entered my head to make her little chap one. Anyway he asked would I make one for him, I looked at him for a moment and then he said he wanted a star one. What a great idea, I would never have thought of that. So we went into my sewing room (shared playroom) and he selected what colours he wanted and he even selected his own buttons.
So as the children tore the house to bits my Friend and I sat there with a few cups of tea and I happily sewed his star button badge. He was as pleased as punch and I enjoyed the craft time, nothing better than crafting with mates.
To end the day we had a mega Pancake session, lots of chocolate sauce, bananas, sugar and lemon, yummy. Yes we did toss our pancakes much to the children's squeals of delight. Oh boy the sugar rush was something to be seen!!!


Caroline said...

What a great day! The cardie seems to be growing at an immense rate! Good to have you back again - I missed your blogs while you were away, but it was great to see that you had a good time away.

Mirre said...

Sounds like a lovely day!!
That corsage is wonderful!

sarah said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. Wow, you knit fast! And I love the plaid fabric for the trousers and the 'Mater applique on the Tee!