Thursday, 1 February 2007

Books and Badgers

People who make things seem to like old /vintage things. They just seem to go together. So as I like to make things I like vintage stuff to. My youngest is no different. He has SOOOO many books but his favourites are his vintage selection. Actually they are mine, he has managed to claim them for himself the way only little people can. Only this morning I thought he was being quite, we all know that that's a bad sign. I went into the living room and he was sat (as good as gold) with the table light on flicking through his 'Kitten Tales' book.
Such lovely pictures and a picture for every season and calender event.

The reason I bought the books was to add to my badge making obsession. Santa gave my oldest child a badge making kit last Christmas and sadly Mommy is the one who plays with it.
They have been great for adding into gifts for the kids, goody bags, awards etc...

Last night I spent the evening watching Bridgett Jones (part 2) and hand sewing my Quilt Block, not quite finished. I am not a big TV fan but I do watch a few things, I find it so hard to just sit there doing nothing productive so I nearly always have knitting or sewing going on. Anyway I will photograph it when its done as it feels like its taken a lot of time.

This afternoon I will be a Domesticated Goddess. My little helper and I have a number cakes and biscuits to make for a PTA event at the weekend. Oh my which reminds me I have to make a robot costume for my older child's Drama class on Friday, I think I will wait until he comes home and he can join in...Lets get busy, well maybe first a cup of tea...

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