Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Dawn of a NEW day..

The Dawn of a New Day, after all the rain and grey grey days of late today I was greeted by the sun rising over the hills that surround my home.  Today is different, its fitting that the sun rises so tear inducingly (is there such a word?) beautifully.

We still have a poorly household, both the wee ones are curled up sleeping off temperatures. So very little time has been spent in my sewing room, actually none!  I have not even picked up my knitting...although for some reason I have been picking up a pencil and doodling, not done that for a while.  Reading, yes reading is what I am doing now whilst being Nurse Suzie rather than Suzie Sews.

So with little on the 'making' front to show and tell I am sharing with you the photo selection from the Kitchen Poetry group.  Inspired by the ever creative Simple Sparrow.  Her inspiration being that so much of life takes place in the kitchen, family life, cooking, sharing spending time with friends... sounds familiar so as the kitchen table really is the nerve centre to this home I thought I would join in.  Go check out Toni's work her photography is astounding as is her sons, I often think of how proud she must be of her son...I wonder did she inspire his photography or did he inspire hers? Not that it matters as the results from both are so wonderful on the eye...

(This picture was taken this morning, and I mean in the morning, something silly like 4-5am, it is part of the Kitchen Poetry as I have a lovely cosy sofa in the corner of my kitchen the same one that my little one is fast asleep on right now)
So whilst there are lots of pictures in this post, lets have some words...Periwinkle gave me a blogging award and a tag called 7 things...So in answer to the questions here are my replies...
Things I would like to do before I die...
Well as I want find a cure for cancer or stop a war happening so I guess I need to think a little smaller...
... Watch my children grow up in to happy healthy well balanced people
... Improve my education
... Go and spend time with my friend in Australia
... Live by the sea, in a house overlooking the sea with a balcony to watch the sunrise and sunset
... Scuba dive
... learn the guitar or piano
... find the confidence again that I had in my twenties

7 Things I do now
... Mothering
... Take photographs
... Being creative with various mediums
... Spending to much time on my computer
... I think way to much about things
... Work in the community and support a Charity with my time
... Cook, or does No 3 come under that title? OK in that case I dance around the kitchen, seriously... when I am on my own or with the kids the music is turned up and I dance like no one is watching...
7 Things I can not do
... I can not play a musical instrument
... I can not sing, this fact does not stop me singing.
... Organize, no just no good at it, I was once  super efficient, I then had babies and that place in my brain that does the sorting just ceased to exist
... I can not whistle with my fingers, this never stops being impressive to me when I see someone do this
... Ride a bike
... Cook rice... it always ends up like pudding!
... Park the car

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex-Oh thats a personal one!!!
... HANDS... I do not have to even think about this one.  Hands say so much about a person, hands show love, kindness, lifestyle and even anger.  The gentle soft touch of your child's hand in your hand, the sensual touch of your lover, hands that heal and hands that nurture.  (I look at my own hands as I type this, my hands say I am an outdoors kind of girl, they have worked hard, they are caring hands, I have scars on my left hand, nails I wish I had the time and inclination to look after) Yes hands say so much and are extremely attractive to me.
... Laughter, someone that can laugh in the face of most things is someone that can cope with life.
... Height,  it says strength, power and oh so much more.
... Sensitivity, I have yet to find this in the opposite sex.
... Ability to cook.
... Smell, sounds kind of weird but we all have our own smell, not out of a bottle-our own smell, I believe its one of the things that draws us subconsciously to a person.  It has to be a clean smell mind!!!
... They look a bit different.  Character, people I find attractive.... Christopher Eccleston, he makes my toes curl I can watch any film with him in it.  Luca from ER. Con O'Neil.  Jamie Oliver. Jack Black his humour and kind eyes. Bill Granger, its a lifestyle kinda thing.
7 Things I say
... I love you (I say this to my children over and over again)
... OK Hun
... Can I get you something to eat... I have a need to feed people when they visit me
... numpty dumpty
... OH Man
... cool
... hey Guys
The last three make me sound like I am a hippy!
7 Celebrates that I admire
... Jamie Oliver, I love his enthusiasm
... I am not really into celebs so this is a hard one!!!
7  Favourite foods
... avocados
... pistachio nuts
... chocolate (Thornton's cheap Coffee creams above all)
... fish and chips on a cold windy day at the sea side
... homemade pancakes with the children on a Sunday morning 
... Crem Brulee
... Baklava
... an extra one as its not strictly food...A Margarita with a salted glass, it has to be a salted glass... I have so many funny stories around this drink!

And that is the lot, now I should pass this on to seven people , I am late doing this and quite a few people have already done it, if you have not and want a go, please feel free to consider yourself tagged by me. 

So after all that thought and typing, time for a coffee oh and maybe a Bagel.


Heart in the country said...

Sorry to hear you still have a poorly household, I hope you are keeping ok. Love the 7's very interesting, and I have to say many were like reading about me LoL.

Take care and look after yourself.


Tracy said...

Hi, Suzie! I just loved this post with all your 7's tucked in between wonderful daily snapshots! Such fun to learn more about you. I'm with you on the smell thing...I'm sensitive to people's smell too--LOL! Hope you're all snuggling down and taking good care and will be on the mend soon. :o) ((HUGS))

Laurie said...

I just found your blog and should start out by saying that I am sorry your household is not feeling well. I love all of your 7 things. Thanks for sharing...

dottycookie said...

Love the 7s, and love the photos! I hope you're all feeling better soon; I have had a little one at home today though I think it was mostly being tired that made her cold seem worse.

French Knots said...

I love a margarita or two too! Perhaps we could get Luca from ER to join us for a few!

driftwood said...

hope your family are better soon. Lisa tagged me too, I have been putting it off, but your answers were such fun to read I should really have a go!

the flour loft said...

Hi Suzie,
I love all your answers and many so fit in with what i like too... especially the hands. I like strong warm, sensitive hands in a partner and the 'wanting to watch my children grow up into happy healthy well balanced people' Me too .. if i can help them to achieve that then i have suceeded... so important our little ones.
Sorry to hear yours are poorly... had Imo off school today... you wouldn't think she was ill earlier to look at her now... quite chirpy.
Take care and enjoy that dancing!!!
(i dance too but have no stamina these days!)
love Ginny x

periwinkle said...

heres hoping they're better real soon.. love the 7 things , so many things I can relate to especially the dancing round the kitchen :-)
lisa x

Caroline said...

How fab to read all your 7's - I loved trying to predict some of them!
Great photos too, and glad to hear that things are a bit on the mend. xxx

Thimbleina said...

Hope you all get better soon. Love the photos especially your pantry/storecupboard photo (I like to know what food other people eat). Also love your cup and saucer in the last photo

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Love the cosy corner of your kitchen - such an inviting looking spot.

Lin said...

Christopher Eccleston is lovely! I am watching the first series of Heroes at the moment and he is in it.
I hope they are all getting better.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Suzie!

I just the 7 list and the photos too...simply wonderful! Hope you and your family are feeling much better. Have a lovely weekend.



Tea Time and Roses said...

It does not happen to me often, but I left out a word! I LOVE the 7 list and photos too!


Kim said...

Thank you for leaving a message on my blog, now I can visit yours, and already I like what I've seen :)

Kim x