Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Self portrait Tuesday/Amazon!

Holly Molly (seems to be the in saying as the kids come out of school at the moment) my Amazon order arrived, at last. I ordered these books ages ago, but I had a pre-order in the trolley so it was never going to get here until that book was due out, so I changed my order and BINGO it arrived. What joy. I am a real bookie. I adore the look and the feel of most books. Pre-children I used to spend hours in book shops, long before we had the big stores with coffee shops in. My house has books all over the place (yep I mean all over, little piles here and there) I am very comforted by books, I feel very odd when I go to a house with no books out. SO a nice little selection...I needed a treat I have felt rubbish this week. I have had a sore throat and generally feel horrid, my voice is a scratchy squeaky sound in the morning and at night, despite being tired I keep myself awake with a pathetic little cough that actually really hurts. SO as you can guess I have been dreaming about all the stuff I want to be making, but not actually getting a lot done. I guess I am run down again, it happens! So on with the goodness. I sat up late in bed with my ipod plugged into my ears a lemony drink and went through all three books. Naughty but nice. Well actually not as great as I would have liked... Simple sewing is the most lovely book, in look, design and content, anything that you do not have to enlarge using a copier is good with me. I have seen it on a few blogs and felt the need to buy, it did not disappoint, if you loved the Amy Butler's In Stitches, you will like this, Snap is the word I would use!!!But just look at this hat, it is beautiful, I so want to make at least three of them. It also helps that it is in my all time best colour...Green, yum!
The surprise treat was Yer I made it myself, I was not sure this would be any good, it was a cheapy. Well I assure you its a joy, fun and frivolous, but not for everyone. If you are neat and precise this is NOT the book for you. I do like my work to look neat and professional at times but sometime I just to it for the fun of it and relax the rules, well actually anyone that knows me would tell you I do this most of the time, especially with knitting. Well this book embraces this theory to the max, some are just plain silly most are fun, this skirt is a treat and as for the chapter on felt, Oh lovely stuff... Sadly the House proud was a disappointment. I have seen most of the stuff before and mostly around the eighties, I still have the craft books to prove it. I have read various reviews of this women, cool funky style etc...and I guess if she is reaching out to a new generation then that's cool, but it just did not do it for me. I did however like her pattern making skill...where did I put that old newspaper then...Now if this has wet your appetite on reading material now go and hop over to Treefall, after a well deserved trip to New York her review of her purchases are just fantastic. I am not a city girl and have no inclination to head off to a city, but what that girl has brought back with her is enough to make you run out and drop all responsibility and buy a ticket to NY.
Self portrait Tuesday!!! I have been reading blogs for about a year now and had my own since January. When I first started there was pattern to the days ..Self portrait Tuesday, Thursday-corners of my home and WIP Friday. Some bloggers still stick to this others come and go with it as they feel. I have never been inclined to do a self portrait, but whilst I have been off colour and not making much I have been doing lots of camera play, so much so that my oldest wanted to get in on the act, so a few snaps later (well a lot of snaps later)...now it might look fairly anonymous, but in fact its good likeness, I am known for my rather wild curly hair, the present colour is a shocking red, more so than on this snap, but I think a good job was done here. So I guess I might be getting out my old digital camera for my budding enthusiast...


sarah said...

I see your youngest comes to his gorgeous hair naturally! LOVE IT! I love the Lotta book so much! Just be careful with that hat, because it runs big. I'd make a dry run with paper first, just to make sure you have it sized right. I love seeing a bit of you! Makes me feel closer to be able to picture a person I like so well! I hope you get to feeling better, but I have to admit, your illness makes me feel less guilty about my own. I haven't turned out to be the best swap partner this time around, I'm afraid!

Suzie Sews said...

Sarah, as ever such a nice comment. I think you are a great swap partner, OK we have not swaped yet , but the anticipation is such fun!!! The hint for the hat will be taken on board, its your fault I bought the book!!!;-)
Suzie Sews

blueberry hill said...

Your hair is absolutely fabulous - wow, you lucky thing!

Just caught up with your blog today and the guinea pigs - how sweet.

Hope you're feeling better soon, make the most of taking time out with drinks and books!


Tracy said...

I have the Lotta book on order from Amazon at the moment - and like you i have been waiting and waiting - i must go check (and add your other book to it!)
I do love to see books reviewed on blogs - the trouble is i have spent a fortune over at Amazon since January!!
Loving your red hair - i would kill for curls x
Tracy x

Caroline said...

wow - your hair looks great - what a fab colour!