Thursday, 24 May 2007

Garden of delight! Wittering on totally off topic...

OK so I am on day six of this beastly infection, my throat feeling worse than ever and I am not getting enough sleep to recover form it. I am not very patient with myself when it comes to coughs and colds, instead of just accepting I am poorly and I need to rest I almost up a level to compensate. So every now and then my body shouts ''Slow down Suzie if you will not I will make you' do I ever listen...So here I am once again feeling grumpy and frustrated with myself for my lack of getting things done. This was not helped by yesterdays 'Manic' day. Some days just go kind of crazy. I must have loaded my little one into and out of the car at least 14 times. Plus its been walk to school week here (no easy task with two children in two different schools, Oh! to be home schooling) so that was one less trip, but the two mile walk to and from our village school just about finished me off for the rest of the day, I felt like someone was stomping on my lungs. It was also a PTA event and along with baking and running children back and forward it was all to much. To add insult to injury I had to leave the event without tiding up as it was so late and I had to put my kids to bed. As a committee member this did not go down very well. I get so cross that sometimes people can not see that without any help I do the best I can, most members had left the children with partners or sitters, I do not have this luxury.

HEY what happened to my picture???

OK whinge over lets talk holidays. Yippee my older son breaks up from school today and we are both so exited. We have so much planned and have spent nice moments sitting this week planning our time ahead. We have started to pack up this holidays craft box, I love this bit, I even bought some funky clothes for the children. So far we have organised to spend time with some friends, a trip or two to the beach, BBQs, lots of fresh air etc...

Now the weather here is a bit of a joke, we had a fab April but May is a wash out. The good side to this is the garden is lush and green and its all going rather mad. Listening to the forecast is its going to be a wet Bank holiday and may improve later in the week. So I think I will keep those wellies out a bit longer...
Due to my lack of crafting, I have just flopped most evenings instead of my usual flurry of knitting and sewing. As I mentioned yesterday I have been rather active with the camera. We had a good day between rainy ones and I took some snaps in the garden. The view is from my kitchen window, kind of cool do you not think, this is also the view form my bedroom window, of course my bed faces the window and its such a great view. The others are my boarders, they need a lot of a attention, but they have that lovely cottage garden feel at the moment, not to groomed if you know what I mean. This shot is a tease, my favourite flower is a peony and they are just getting ready to bloom, they usual come out around my birthday and I have to admit to chopping them and bringing them into the house for a little treat for myself.

I apologise for the lack of crafting and I hope you hang around whilst I get back on course. I will be quite next week as I will be spending much loved time with my children, however they always inspire me to be creative which of course I will bore/share with you with you the following week. I know I have this button on my blog, but I wanted to bring it up today. Throughout our village on every lamp post and rail someone had tired yellow bows to throughout the night. It was a shock to see, mixed feelings of it looking so pretty, amazed someone had done this, talk about giving up your own time for others...and so utterly saddened that this little girl is still apart from her Mommy and Daddy. My heart breaks for all of them. It seems like the world is praying for them, as day by day goes by and the news covers it less and less my heart as a Mommy weeps. Hold your little ones close to you and be thankful that you are not going through every Moms worst nightmare.


julia said...

I sympathize, I had exactly the same bug last week and it just knocked me out. I never take to my bed but I had to last week. Try to take it easy (hah!) and look forward to the hols.

As for the PTA, I keep hearing horror stories from people who help out and to be quite honest it's putting me off a bit! I think you have to do whatever you can and ignore the self righteous and their little asides.

Enjoy half term, let's hope the sun shines!

Julia x

ps. let me know how the cake turned out

sarah said...

I think you and I need to find out some way to balance our personalities. You don't rest enough and I rest too much! We need to take a little from column A and a little from column B and find a nice happy medium to exsist in!

I find it a bit annoying when volunteer organizations get snarky with their volunteers. Perhaps you need to remind them of the definition of volunteer. The PTA should not be making anyone feel guilty!

I hope you get to feeling better soon and have a wonderful time with those wonderful boys of yours!

Toni said...

My hearts breaks and is so troubled by the evil in this world. That poor sweet little girl...and I know there are thousands like her missing!! I really have no idea how life goes on when something like this comes to a mother and father. A true horror.