Monday, 14 May 2007

I Have Been Tagged!

Sarah from Small Fox has Tagged me, Mmmm I have to write seven random facts about me and then tag seven more people for them to do the same. I have enjoyed reading these, they give you a little more insight into the lives of the authors of blogs that I read regularly, Sarah's facts centered around toilets!!! What does that say about her (cheeky smile from me)!

Fact 0ne Since I can remember I have always been arty, as a little girl my Dad used to bring me home lots of pads and pencils from his work (it was his own company so, NO, he was not stealing). I used to play for hours imagining I was an artist or a teacher or in worse case scenario anything that involved paper, pencils and glue like working in a postoffice.

Fact two I nearly got in to art college, this was my dream, my ambition, I so wanted to spend all day doing arty stuff, I spent most of the play times at school in the art room, I had a real cool art teacher who would allow me into the classroom to work on my projects, I even went there when I should have been at other classes..tut...tut... she was so supportive. Sadly this was not the chosen career my family wanted for me and despite getting to the interview and loving the whole experience I was diverted from the path. I went to floristry college instead (a much more suitable profession for your daughter I guess). This is when the rebellion started, yer yer! I am older now with children of my own and I realise that we all go through it. I did get to work in a floristry shop that provided floral decorations for the Royal family so I must have done something right.

Fact Three I buy fabric, wool and paper stuff, I do this instead of taking Prozac!

Fact four I am adopted and the name my birth mother gave me was Dorothy, may be that's why I have a lust for red sparkly shoes?

Fact five I always wanted to marry a vet, well that did not happen. I did, however, work as a Veterinary Practice Manager (OK when I started doing the job it was more like receptionist). This came about as I was told it was unlikely I would have children (Oh how I remember that day, I cried for so long) it was suggested I take a less stressful path in life. I talked it over with my partner and I went for a job in a vets. It was great, I have such great memories of that place, I sat one day with the cutest poorly puppy on my knee, he had a drip in and had to be kept warm, Oh it was such a hard job I can tell you... The worst part of it was the smell of autopsy work on sheep, OH MAN!!! that is such a bad smell.

Fact six Despite being told it was unlikely I would have children I now have two great kids, yer I had a few problems and my body is paying for it, but they have just completed my life and made sense of it all. I think being adopted I went through my life with no identity, I was even teased about it at school, suddenly it all made sense. Two little people I grew inside of me, and continued to feed myself and watch then grow, its amazing, it totally changed my life, the person I was to who I am , the values I had to what I have now , to my faith...
Fact seven I think its really important to think of others. It shocks me how little people actually do this. Its one of the things I teach my children, always think of others.

From silly things like when buying someone a gift, to really give it thought...what would they like, how can you make it extra special, making a cake when someone is feeling sad or a meal if someone is ill-through to the big things in life, thinking about the children who live in boxes in our cities, how hate causes so much pain and suffering. If you are aware of these things you can make a difference.

OK that's my seven facts...a bit serious possibly...maybe the next tag of seven facts for me should be silly facts about me...Do you know I was going to do this four days ago and since then most People I would have tagged have already done it. So I make an open invitation...if you have not been formally tagged, consider yourself TAGGED by me.

I have been surfing a lot lately and found some good blogs and I will gather their addresses up and get them linked up later in the week so you will have some places to be linked to.

PHOTOS (1) The finished Tank top (2) Look Mom I can knit, OK he is pretending, this is the next knitting project the small sized tank for the little one! (3) Who's sand pit is this? (4) I snapped this flower in the garden on a mega photo session, the flower itself is not so perfect but I liked the composition of the flower and the sky.


sarah said...

Love the Archie picture, like always! And its so great to know more about you!

julia said...

I totally agree with the thinking about others bit, I try to teach my children the same, just to make this world a more pleasant place to live.
Loved the facts, and agree with the fabric purchasing as therapy!

Julia x