Sunday, 1 April 2007

Mix Mash

Well its a bit of a mix mash on the posting front today. Yippee the kids have finished school for two weeks. The last week was full of egg competitions, preparing clothes for drama shows...etc so any free time was grabbed between all this plus the usual household chores. This knitting project is on hold whilst I finish the baby knit, on to its sleeves now so I should get it done soon. This one only needs the neck worked on and then finished being sewn up.
Not much chance to get to my sewing machine this week so I have been carrying around my quilting bits and sneaking in a little here and there. (Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, the light was quite poor)!
Now with all the gardening that got done this week, and it is starting to look really good in the garden now, I thought I would get away from wearing my gum boots and treat myself to these clogs, they are a bit like crocs. Love the colour and they are SOOOO comfy! They are not that clean anymore.
OK so March is over, in like a Lion and out like a lamb. How true that saying is for this month. It started off blowing gales, we then had wind, hail, rain, snow and now warm sunny weather.
With the end of the month it marks the end of the Month of Moo. So as you might have guessed I do have a lots of cows, I still have many more, But enoughs enough, thank you for indulging me in this and the support in the emails. SO I shall leave you with this shot, made by oldest child when the nursery was getting ready for the baby. It always makes me smile.

So its the holidays now, I do plan to keep blogging but my priority will be my kids. So I guess I will no doubt share with you the stuff we will do together. So it will be more child orientated. So if you have children I wish you a great time with your babes. We have list of things already drawn up by my oldest child, baking, Easter Egg tree, Farm visit, riding bikes, swimming...the list goes on....


sarah said...

I hope you have a grand time with your babes! I know how much you've been looking forward to it!

Caroline said...

Lucky you - we're still at school for most of this week! Have a great time with the kids - sounds like you have loads of fun stuff lined up, and I look foward to catching up on all your craft stuff as and when. PS Love the shoes - ace colour !

weirdbunny said...

Fantastic pink shoes. They will make weeding a lot more pleasureable!
Enjoy the school holidays!