Monday, 2 April 2007

Eggciting times

OK its now the Easter holidays and we are full flow in Easter mode. If I need any inspiration, boy did I get it. A close friend of mine went on a business trip over the Pond and I asked if he would mind getting me a few magazines, so I could get in on the act of all the lovely magazines I keep reading about in blog land. Now he had a little trouble, with some help from Small Fox
he bought back this HUGE pile of magazines. Oh my I am spoilt, you just have fantastic magazines over there, my mind is buzzing with idea's. I am no longer a Martha Stewart virgin, I have actually read one of her magazines, seriously thinking about a subscription to this and ignoring the cost to have it delivered to the UK! Sadly and I should NOT complain, No Romantic Homes, I so wanted to see the article of fellow blogger Posy Gets all know the article I mean, I am sure I am the only one not to see it. As if this was not enough to shout about I also got my order from LaughingsHens
Take a look at these lovely knitting needles, there are actually five pairs, but I am already using one pair. Now I am also pleased to say that they are stocking Rowan fabric, Amy Butler amongst them too...this is very exciting because over here in little old England we don't get this kind of stuff, OK we have Liberty! Check out artsycraftybabe.
She is on a roll with her stunning bags, she has just finished one of Amy Butler designs, I have been rather put off doing one of her bags as I keep hearing how hard the pattern is to follow, I have been given hope to try, I love artsycraftybabe's way of just getting stuck in!
So School is out and I have both my babes at home and today has been the first official day of the holiday, to make things even better the weather has been fab!!! So we did a lot of splashing...
We put our tent up and we played Cowboys, don't you just love the horse, my Dad (now no longer with us sadly) made this for my first child and it warms my heart to know that it is still loved and being passed down. The tent was bought at Christmas, then saved for their birthdays, but as we went away it remained in its box, so it was our first chance to get it out, you just got to love Cath kidston. It was not all a whirl of playing! Mommy got to do a little sewing, it was my Patchwork course at the weekend and I wanted to sew in some detail to my block, So I went into my stamping room and raided my bead boxes and got busy with the needle, over a 100 hand sewn beads later, Ellie the Elephant was nearly (tail still to go on) finished. I enjoyed this one as I was allowed to break free from the guide lines and do my own thing!!!
She is rather jolly and I am pleased with her. It has made me want to get busy with some applique Tee's for the boys Easter presents.
Its now cooling off and in fact there is quite a chill in the air, the boys are sleeping and I am sipping a glass of wine, which reminds me I need to make supper before this goes to my head and I make no sense...OK I know....nothing new there then!!!


sarah said...

WOW! Great magazine stack! You should give that man a hug! And I love love LOVE the elephant! How fun is she?! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time with your boys. That tent looks like a grand place to make-believe.

I think I know what I want for our swap. I'll email you tommorrow. Shoot me a message if I forget!

Jo said...

What a haul of fab mags! I got the Martha one yesterday in Smiths, they only had one left so I grabbed it quickly. Love the tent!

beki said...

*Love* that elephant!!

Caroline said...

Love those knitting needles - how cool are they ?! Also, like everyone else I adore the elephant - really beautiful - well done you for getting so much done even with the boys around!

julie said...

Reading this post made me feel like a complete copy-cat - I've had an order from Laughing hens this week (I love their website) and have been eyeing up those very needles (not been able to justify it yet as most of my knitting is done on 3mm and smaller). We've also had our tent out (also Cath Kidston although the flowery one instead of the cowboy one)! I love Ellie - she's super. Have a fun Easter x

Rebecca said...

Love the elephant! The colors are perfect.

If you are interested in a trade, I'd be happy to send you some magazines (once the new ones come out, looks like you have all of this months!) in exchange for perhaps some lovely Cadbury goodies? :) Let me know! We have huge stores full of magazines here in New York City. :)