Monday, 26 February 2007

Traditional Sunday Roast

Recipe for disaster...Its a very British thing to have a Sunday Roast one I remember form my childhood, over cooked meat and veg. This said it was still a time for us all to sit together and I remember watching Sunday afternoon Doris Day films with my Mum running backwards and forwards to the kitchen. The sound of football as the men in our house watched the Sunday match. I love Sundays they are the best day of the week, I love the lazy feel of them. SO I try and keep some kind of tradition going. Hopefully with a more updated way of cooking the dinner. I had a couple of hours free in the afternoon as my children had a trip to the pictures, I started the ironing, the iron did not work... So I thought I would just get on with the dinner. As I was on my own I thought I would make a real effort, Roast Chicken a ham, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puds, I even made the gravy in a tin. (Sorry if your reading this and your a veggie). All was going well, so I thought I would make some cakes. I have given up chocolate for lent so I thought I want something sweet and the boys love cake. Seemed like a good plan.
I got inspired a few days ago by a post from Small fox She had a real cute picture of a frosted cupcake. So I saw a little gadget in the pound shop and gave it a go. Not bad results, they looked good enough for my older son to question if I had really made them as they looked to proper for me!!!Bless him. OK why the disaster, well all was going well, then the boys returned home and just wanted to be with Mommy and well, it went pair shaped, over half the cakes got burnt, I forgot my veggies and they resembled a mush. Getting all the food on the table and keeping the children from eating the cakes and staying away from the cooker was all a bit of a trauma. To top it all my dinner was luke warm and the only thing my youngest would eat was the Yorkshire puds, at least they had turned out well. Masses of washing up to follow. Oh the joys of tradition. Will I do it again? Is it Sunday in seven days? of course I will.

We ended the day with some bedtime reading, Oh bliss... continue with the disaster bit, I was sat knitting in the evening watching a drama on the TV and half way through knitting the sleeve of my cardigan I thought I had done it all wrong, I unpicked the lot, when I started to redo it I realised I had read the wrong part of the instructions and I was correct in the first place...Oh Bum!!!


sarah said...

Your cupcakes look about 10 million times better than mine! I want to DEVOUR them! Yum!

Oh, for more inspiration, check this out:

Caroline said...

I would love to eat the cakes!!! they look lovely. As for Sunday dinners, I do them once a month, not only are they really difficult to get right timing wise, but also really expensive! and everyone is so fat afterwards they dont want to do the washing up. But, like you it is still magical!

Jo said...

I love to make a Sunday Roast for those nostalgic reasons too. My son has the Yorkshires but will tolerate the potatos too, but way! The cakes look yummy.
We have a little person with wild curly hair too

weirdbunny said...

Isn't it really weird how every one calls them cupcakes these days. They were always called fairycakes when I was a kid. Yours look delicious.