Sunday, 25 February 2007

Dinner time

Dinner time, yer right...Mummy is busy working on the kitchen table...Talking of work areas pop over to see the Heather Bailey blog, can you imagine a studio like this, OH its just one of the nicest work areas I have seen. Go take a peek, its worth it, its a little different from my humble offering. Had a quality craft night on Friday, I managed to select, quilt and bind together the 'Tree' sign and even made a little label for the back so we can remember that the idea and the art work was by Mr. Creative himself, my oldest son.
On Saturday I got a new computer chair on sale for £10.00, its only a kitchen chair but it replaces a stool. (I say stool it started of as a kitchen chair but with the passing of wear and time the back broke off, not wanting to throw wood away we used it for the computer but as I am spending more time sitting here its a good plan to get a better one.
In the evening I managed to knit another side of my cardigan whilst watching a film and drinking a rather nice G&T, so its all coming together nicely. Although I have a huge pile of altering to do, if I do not get on with it I want be wearing them as they are all winter clothes.


Sarah said...

Its good to know that other people have workspaces that look like mine and pine for one like Heather's. I want to live in it!

capello said...

i couldn't imagine having an entire room to my crafts. what a luxury.