Monday, 5 February 2007

Blue Skies making me H.A.P.P.Y.

The weather here at the moment is just stunning, its cold, frosty and Blue Blue skies. This snap shot was taken on Saturday morning as I parked up in the car park for my course. I had a few minutes spare and as the camera goes with me always. I opened the sunroof of the car and looked up...snap shot. The baking for the PTA party was a success, although a lot of the mixture got nibbled along the way. Lots of people had baked, which was great as normally there is very little, we also have a cake shop owner amongst the committee so that helps! All cakes got munched, the kids all went for the coloured icing and the grown ups went for the slightly more boring ones, OK I admit it I had a selection of every sugary one going! YUMMY.
Now I had an email about how quick I can knit...I have to tell you, this is not so, my last post was not a new picture. As it was Sunday and with little time I just thought I would share with you a snap shot of my child's night-time bear. I did infact make him over a year ago. Its a Debbie Bliss pattern 'Toy Knits' he is meant to be a bear, but as it was the first toy I had ever knitted and on such small needles he did not go quite to plan so I had to improvise a little.

SO as you guess can guess form this post I did NO crafting yesterday, I was out all day with my children and spent a lovely time in the park, we warmed up with Hot Chocolate and muffins in one of our favourite coffee shops. The evening was spent preparing for school and a late supper. Tonight I want to bond with my sewing machine.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your cupcakes look wonderful! Oh, and you really should try to felt something. It is addicting!

sarah said...

Those cakes are wonderful! I love the flowers on top!

capello said...

oh my, look at those cupcakes!

and what'd ya make? what'd ya make? huh? huh? show me! show me! :-)

beki said...

Yay for blue skies! I'm seeingblue sky today as well, and boy does it make a difference in mood. Those cupcakes look super yummy!