Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Because it 'FELT' like fun

So here is the sweater I got form the charity shop last Friday. I washed it on a 60 wash and and it felted great. I sat last night and cut off the sleeves and dipped into my button collection and just had a bit of fun. (Whilst watching ER!) I drew out some shapes and just played around a bit.
The sofa became my work room and I made a bit of a mess!
But in the words of my youngest child 'Look Mummy you made Flowers'. Today I hope to be able to back them with some felt and a pin...Da Dah...more corsages.
This morning whilst I sat with the children at breakfast I made the string that holds the mittens together. Photographed outside as its yet another sunny (although COLD) morning. The mittens go with a cardi. I have made for my youngest, Oh boy did that seem to take for ever. I need to block it so once done I will show you the result.

Thank you Guys for all your comments I am very touched. You make it worth while putting the effort in. Thanks.


sarah said...

Lovely sweater find and wonderful flowers you made with it! I wish I could find good clothes when I go thrifting.

beki said...

How cute! I have some wool sweaters that I'd like to play with.

capello said...

i *love* my flower brooch!

katie said...

you can watch ER and sew at the same time -???? I am deeply impressed!
I can't keep up with the pace of that show with 110% attention! altzhiemers?

Stacy said...

Ohh! These flowers turned out extremely yummy. Great idea!